The Magic Behind the Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Time to get excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Did you know that there’s a COLOURING BOOK that will let you in on the magic behind the movie?


This has been a good year for Harry Potter fandom. And it’s about to get even more exciting with the release of the spinoff film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is out in theaters worldwide on November 18!

But don’t worry, that won’t seem so far away once the Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them: Magical Characters and Places Colouring Book! And it’s out this Thursday!


This colouring book will take you from the bustling city streets of a vibrant 1926 New York, to Tina and Queenie’s apartment and the wonders of MACUSA, and even inside Newt’s case! You’ll also find numerous props and artifacts along the adventure, including wands, signs and symbols, and maybe even a fantastic beast…

So now that you are even more excited, here’s what this Thursday (mark your calendar!) is going to look like for you, because obviously you are going to run to the bookstore ASAP.

First, you’re going to step into the store, see it and just look at it for a blissful moment before the mob around you gets to it first.


Then, once purchased, you’ll try to walk home all nonchalantly like you don’t have a magical realm in your bag, like Newt Scamander has to every day (poor guy).

giphy (1)

When you sit down with your colouring pencils, you’ll be transported into 1920s New York City, where they have no idea that fantastical beasts are coming their way…

giphy (2)

Then you’ll eventually emerge from your colourful world (may I add not happily, sorry not sorry) and be wowed at how the magic flies off the page!

giphy (3)

But don’t worry, once you’ve tackled the whole beast of a book (but a nice one), you’ll have FIVE more books from Fantastic Beasts to look forward to!

Three behind the scenes books will be released on the same day as the film (how are we going to handle all of that excitement, readers?) and on December 1, two more colouring books – one filled with all of the magical creatures you’ll have already fallen in love with, and one a postcard book with designs from both bigger books!

Enjoy, Savvy Readers!

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