Fall Nonfiction Preview 2016

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Are you as excited for fall as I am? I have to say, this is my favourite season of the year — and not just because of the books that come with it (okay, maybe that’s why). Below, you’ll find a great list of some of the most amazing non-fiction titles going on sale this fall! And if you read to the bottom, there may be some details on ANOTHER exciting giveaway.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Coloring Book


On Sale: September 1

Before the movie comes out this November (!), you can explore the Fantastic Beasts in this intricately designed colouring book. Full of characters and scenes from the film as well as illustrations used in its making, this book will present the magic behind the movie. Colour your way through the adventure in 1926, New York.

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

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On Sale: September 6

Not only is Hidden Figures about to be a major motion picture starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner and more (watch the trailer here), it’s also an amazing and enlightening never-before-told true story. Before John Glenn orbited the earth or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, there was a group of African-American female mathematicians (AKA “human computers”) hired by NASA who played a crucial role in America’s space program. Until now, their contributions (as in the calculations and equations they wrote that would launch rockets and astronauts into space) have been unheralded. A MUST READ this fall, and something you should get your hands on before the movie comes in out in January 2017!

Barbarian Lost by Alexandre Trudeau

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On Sale: September 13

China is and always has been a puzzle, but a fascinating one, to Alexandre Trudeau. Barbarian Lost takes a look at the dynamic changes currently happening in China as well as the deeper history of its society. Trudeau travels through China visiting artists and migrant workers, townspeople and rural farmers, all who give up small secrets about the country, jolting us from our preconceived ideas.

Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

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On Sale: September 13

A how-to guide on fighting (without actually fighting) subtle sexism in the workplace. Jessica Bennett brings us a hilarious part manual, part manifesto that provides real-life career advice for women already in the workforce as well as reinforcement for a new generation of professional women. Join the Feminist Fight Club, the first rule is that you *must* talk about it.

Based on a True Story by Norm MacDonald


On Sale: September 20

The incredible memoir of a great Canadian actor and one of the best stand-up comedians of all time: Norm MacDonald. Hilariously, Norm tells the story of his life—from his rural origins on a farm to his memorable run as the anchor of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.” You be laughing ‘til you cry at Norm’s classic jokes and long-mythologized Hollywood stories. Now’s your chance to step into the glorious mind of Norm MacDonald.

Just Between You and Me by Myles Goodwin

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On Sale: September 28

Myles Goodwyn is a singer, guitarist, writer, producer and leader of the band April Wine. From his upbringing in rural New Brunswick to becoming the lead singer of April Wine, Goodwyn—a living legend—hones the classic “small-town kid makes good” success story. His passion and drive lead him to becoming the only remaining original member of the group since its inception in 1969. Just Between You and Me is a riveting new rock memoir that tells the story of Goodwyn’s young teen life, to his battle with alcoholism, to the inside story of one of Canada’s most popular rock bands, April Wine.

Nujeen by Nujeen Mustafa with Christina Lamb

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On Sale: October 11

Prize-winning journalist and co-author of the hit bestseller I Am Malala, now helps to tell another inspiring true story of a young hero: Nujeen Mustafa. Nujeen was born with cerebral palsy and has journeyed through war-ravaged Syria to Germany in a wheelchair. Her breathtaking tale lends a face to the greatest humanitarian issue of our time: the Syrian refugee crisis. In Nujeen’s own words, “You should fight to get what you want in this world.”

A Number of Things by Jane Urquhart

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On Sale: October 11

The beloved Jane Urquhart brings a special 150th birthday gift to Canada – 50 Canadian objects that sum up our collective experience as a nation. Illustrated by Scott McKowen and lyricized by Urquhart, the two beautifully display artifacts such as a Nobel Peace Prize medal, a Sikh RCMP turban, a royal cowcatcher and more unexpected and intriguing objects.

The Escapist by Gabriel Filippi

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On Sale: October 18

Gabriel Filippi has lived in fear of drowning since his childhood. Opposite of the depths however, Filippi found his calling in the heights of our world. This climber has spent 20 years scaling the highest peaks in the world and simultaneously cheating death. Discussing both PTSD and survivor’s guilt in this heartfelt and inspiring memoir, Filippi dissects what it takes to get to the top of the world, and what that quest takes out of you.

Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran

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On Sale: November 29

This is Caitlin Moran’s engaging and amusing rallying call for our times. Combining the best of her recent columns with tons of new writing, Caitlin deals with topics as pressing and diverse as 1980s swearing, benefits, boarding schools, and why the internet is like a drunken toddler.


Well that sums it up, Savvy Readers! Doesn’t fall sound amazing!? In light of our Fall Fiction Reads giveaway last week, we thought we’d share the excitement with our non-fiction lovers too. Follow this link to the 50 Book Pledge site to view the details and enter our Fall Nonfiction Reads giveaway!

Which non-fiction titles are you most looking forward to this fall season? Tell us in the comments below and on twitter @SavvyReader!


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  1. Hidden figures sounds very interesting , and a different bit of how space program started. Also Nujeen sounds like a good read, so many of these child have interesting journey’s. Cerebral palsy and wheelchair could certainly complicate the journey.

  2. I am really looking forward to reading Hidden Figures and Nujeen as they both appear to be unique stories.

  3. Looking forward to the Escapist, I like that he found solace from the depths in the heights.
    As a lover of all things horror, fantastic beasts looks like a lot of fun

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