50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Perfect Girl

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If you’re anything like me, you can pick up any book – from crime and thriller to a summer beach read – no problem! If you’re also like me, you won’t be able to put it down until you’re done, which is exactly what I experienced with The Perfect Girl!


Gilly Macmillan, author of What She Knew, writes another emotional and heartbreaking journey in her newest book, The Perfect Girl. Full of teasing moments of clues and deep family sorrow, this story is 24 hours of suspense that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

Zoe is a teenage genius and piano prodigy who, at age 17, already has a troubled past. After being convicted of murder, she and her mother Maria are looking for a second chance. They find it in family: Maria’s new husband Chris, his son Lucas, and their daughter Grace. But just as life is starting to return to normal for Maria and Zoe, tragedy strikes.

One night, after Zoe’s secret is almost revealed, Maria is found dead.

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Pieced together from different family member’s memories and perspectives, The Perfect Girl tells the story of loss and secrets, but above all else, second chances. By revealing bits and pieces of the mystery at a time, Macmillan builds her narrative steadily, slowly revealing the whodunit of the murder.

Macmillan weaves together everyone’s stories in a way that makes you forget you’re not part of the family. The different perspectives shine light on the nerves and tension between family members, which leaves you wanting to know the truth of both stories, past and present.

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The Perfect Girl is one of our #50BookPledge Featured Reads! Add it to your TBR shelf now!

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