50 Book Pledge Round-Up: September 12-17

Hi Savvy Readers!

It’s starting to get chilly out, eh?! The perfect time of year to grab those cozy blankets, reading socks and get to work on those TBR lists. Well, that’s what I’ll be doing for the fall season (who am I kidding, that’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of time… my TBR list is forever growing, anyone else?).


Anyhow, we’ve had a fabulous week, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

The 50 Book Pledge

You’ve really outdone yourselves this week, Savvy Readers! Do you even realize how great you are!?! Of course you do. But I’ll still go on about it for a minute.


This week, we reached 70% of our community goal – SUPER EXCITING! Only 30% left to go, and we still have over three months to do the rest. Tell me, seriously, did you think we could read 150,000 books when we started in January? Well we’ve already read over 105,442, so we are absolutely on the right track with less than 44,558 books to go! 

This Week’s Featured Read


I can’t express how much I loved Leave Me, so you’ll just have to read Allie’s review instead. Basically, this book is “for every woman who has ever fantasized about driving past her exit on the highway instead of going home to make dinner, for every woman who has ever dreamed of boarding a train to a place where no one needs constant attention.” And, ultimately, isn’t that most of us? If you’ve ever felt like dropping everything, you need to read this story about Maribeth Klein, because she actually did.

Here’s what our fellow readers thought:

“One of the things Gayle Forman does so well is crystallize how the little, mundane moments in our lives make a difference.” – Tiff via Mostly YA Lit

“LEAVE ME manages to portray this horrible scenario in a very realistic, emotional way.”The Bookavid

“This is a story about regret, jealousy, facing your fears, and the downside of comparing yourself to others. It’s about the internal war that conflicts us all and finding the courage to face it head on.” – Jenny via Goodreads

“ Leave Me isn’t just a story for mothers; it’s a story that can be read across the spectrum: men, women, adults, teenagers, and on and on until I’ve listed every possible category.” – Allie via The Savvy Reader

This Week on the Savvy Reader 


Tuesday September 13 – The Best Back to School Books

Rya rounded up some great reads to get you back in the swing of things (things = school). This book list is for adults, teens, and children alike. It’s for anyone going back to school, thinking about going back to school, or feeling sad about not going back to school. The transition out of summer and into school can be hard, so we’ve given you some great books to bring along that will help make it teeny bit better.

Wednesday September 14 – Savvy Savings

There’s some exciting new nonfiction titles floating around the eBook-verse (is that a thing? Now it is…). Read up on The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Feminist Fight Club, Everyone’s An Artist, and The Power of Why here.

Thursday September 15 – Canada-Inspired Colouring Books You Need to Own Now

As Canadians, we love Canada (naturally), and we felt the need to tell you all about it – in colouring books. We’ve rounded up some fantastic Canadian-themed colouring books both in stores now and ones you need to keep your eye out for (and put on that Christmas wish list!) See them all here, and tell us which one you’re picking up first!

Friday September 16 – Bookmarks

As always, Karen summed up all of the exciting book news. For example, have you ever wondered why new books go on sale on Tuesdays? Have you heard the latest book award news? Read up on all things bookish here.

 Rewards & Contests


This week, we announced a shiny new badge that you could earn! If you haven’t heard of the latest and greatest book (*this is not a drill*), AKA Feminist Fight Club, click here to read up on it. Reading this hilarious part manual, part manifesto will get you our newest badge: #WomensVoices2016.

Stay Tuned 


Next week we’ll be featuring a mystery that brings back the beloved HERCULE POIROT (stay tuned for a super cool infographic), some beautiful places to read, more savvy savings, more exciting book news… Like I’ve said before, the fun never stops.

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