Top 10 Perfect Reading Nooks

Don’t lie – if you’re not sitting in a comfy spot reading a book right now, you’re wishing you were. You’re not alone! But I’m not here to comfort you in this need, because hey, I wouldn’t mind being cozy with a book right now either. Instead, I’m here to make things worse. That is, to share some gorgeous pictures of nooks we aren’t in and only will be in our dreams. So as your bestest friend I say, suck it up and take a dive into these daydreams with me!


Nothing is more perfect than a reading nook, the best excuse for a staycation and the reason why you can’t go out on the weekends.

The book doesn’t fall far from the shelf


With this nook, you are about as immersed in a book as you could be, because you’re in the shelf!

Ah to be a kid again


I so wish I was a kid again just to sit in this adorable house with my feet up reading something sweet. However I would not say no to an adult-sized one!

Reading on a cloud


Ok well I guess this is a bed but why would you ever leave it??? There’s a good amount of space for books to be stacked, and it’d basically be like reading on a fluffy cloud through a twinkly sunset. I am jealous of this bedroom.

Try getting any work done here


This super pretty nook looks like it’s off of an office, which is just silly. How could anybody get any work done in a room with THAT.

A sweet pause


This nook sort of reminds me of the one Suzy has in Moonrise Kingdom. Sitting atop of the stairs on a landing, this nook would give you a fly-on-the-wall view of your home, has great natural sunlight, and will encourage you to take a book breather every time you pass it!

Simple and pure


I see this nook all over Pinterest all the time. It’s like the nook. It looks like something we could totally achieve without spending a bajillion dollars, and my god, this chair looks so comfy.

Get cozy outdoors


Could you imagine reading a book about something like woodland nymphs in this spot? It’s like the trees are hugging you, whispering the story.

Find the perfect reading position


You had me at “oversized armchair.” Y’know how it can be difficult to find the perfect position while reading (why, God, why)? This chair makes me believe that it could solve all those problems. I’d still have to take a nap in the process, but I’d be cuddling my book.

Splendid Sunday


We all reserve at least one day a weekend for hours straight of reading, right? The thought of a cuddly chair + soft blanket + slippers + a book + a warm beverage is enough to make a bookworm go into a tizzy!

Do Not Disturb


If I had a treehouse nook like this, I’d both want to welcome everybody but also shun them at the same time – put up a Do Not Disturb sign a la No Boys Allowed – and haul a buncha books and a jug of lemonade up there. If something like this was in my backyard when I was a kid, I sure would have spent some more time “outside.”

There you have it! Sorry if I’ve made you swoon too much over these absolutely dreamy reading nooks!

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