Every Hidden Thing: What Readers Thought

Exciting news, Savvy Readers! Kenneth Oppel’s new novel Every Hidden Thing is now available!!


So, we thought we’d fill you in on what the First Look readers thought:

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The realistic events and characters throw the fossil hunts for a loop and I think Kenneth Oppel did a great job at re-imagining The Bone Wars!” – Natasha



“If you’re looking for a fast-paced historical with scientific elements and a strong female, this is a book for you.” – Trisha


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“As someone who didn’t know much about dinosaurs, this book was incredibly informative. I learned so much on a topic I never knew I could be interested in. ” – Jessi 



“Every Hidden Thing is a well written piece of literature with a wonderfully unique plot. The historical adventure alone was beautifully done – regardless of the complex character interactions and adorable romance.” – Debbie

“Dinosaurs, Indiana jones, forbidden romance readers ? This is a novel to pick up for your 2016 fall reads.”- Maddie

“Kenneth Oppel continues to impress me with his crafting of characters that feel very real. Samuel and Rachel are both very flawed people, but they still ended up being characters who I very much wanted to succeed.” – Kelly

“[I love Rachel’s] passion for excavation and the way she refuses to let even the men she loves get in the way of her goals.” – Jennifer

“The change of point of views in the middle of scenes kept with the urgency of the story and allowed it to flow really, really well.” – Natalie

It seems it’s time to get the fossil tools out and start digging…


…into Every Hidden Thing

Happy Reading, Savvy Readers

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