Savvy Reader Twitter Chat: Bookmarks vs. Monsters

Hey Savvy Readers,

Do you use bookmarks to save your spot? Or tissues? Or your latest grocery list? Or do you bend up the corners in your book every time you take a break? Well, we figured we had to ask, since you’re the savviest of savvy readers afterall…

Which one are you?

There are right answers…


And then there are wrong answers… (kidding!)


For some readers, it isn’t even a question.


Especially for the ones with the best memories..


And those who won’t even lend out their books.


But we have to agree, there is just something about a well-loved book.


Just remember, there are always options, Savvy Readers, always options..


So, what’s your say ? Join the conversation on Twitter (and your tweet could be featured too!) or in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Savvy Reader Twitter Chat: Bookmarks vs. Monsters

  1. I’m probably going to get some flack for this but meh: I’m turn the pages of my books. Who cares, it’s not as if it’s made of gold leaf… *says the bad words* it’s just a book. I fold it and unfold it, and I can’t tell what page I folded because it gets re-flattened. Looks good as new.

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