Signs You’d Rather Read Than Go Out on the Town


It’s almost the weekend! You know what that means? More time to cuddle up with books, one of the most joyous activities in life. For bookworms, this also means having to decide between IRL friends and those who live on pages. Aaand hopefully IRL friends understand when they lose sometimes. When we choose to stay home and read rather than go out, for the most part it’s not meant to shun social activities, it just means we need some quiet time and are excited to float within different worlds. And that our ginormous TBR piles are so looming that it keeps us up at night.


So to celebrate our weekly holiday, Savvy Readers, here are some of the most tell-tale signs that you’d rather stay in with a book or two than going out to where the people are!

It’s payday and you’d rather spend all your money on books than things like clothes and food



When this is your idea of a perfect Friday night



When you look forward to bailing on that social obligation



You don’t bother making to-do lists because there’s only one thing on them



You’re already reading when out on the town so you might as well be at home




When you brag about how much reading you got done in a day



Because it’s too stressful to make hard decisions and if you left it’d bother you all night



When you tell your IRL friends you need to “console a friend”



You have too many bookstagram ideas and then you can’t just put the book down afterwards


When you need to recharge your batteries with some alone time



What book will you be reading this weekend, Savvy Readers?


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