50 Book Pledge Round-Up: October 10-14

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Wake up from your holiday food coma and get caught up on this week’s savvy posts!!


The 50 Book Pledge

To date, we’ve accomplished 76% of our community goal of reading 150,000 books! Savvy Readers, get your family on board this holiday season! We are so close! Almost as close as this little guy!


This Week’s Feature Read


News of the World is the perfect heartwarming read to fulfill you between all of those thrillers this season and it is also a finalist for the National Book Award! In the novel, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is an aging news reader whose job is to travel and give live readings from newspapers to paying audiences. During his travels he ends up agreeing to transport a young orphan, Johanna, of the Kiowa back to her people, but Johanna is less than cooperative. They form an inspiring bond, but will Captain Kidd do the right thing by returning Johanna to her family or will he keep her safe with him? We loved this book (a lot), but here’s what some of our fellow readers thought:

“Every once in a while a character comes along that leaves that indelible mark on my heart that will make me think about them for a long time and think that if this were a real person, I’d want them in my life. Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Kep-den) is one of those characters, as is Johanna (Chohenna).” Angela, Goodreads

“This Western is not to be missed by Jiles’s fans and lovers of Texan historical fiction.” Library Journal,  Amazon.ca

“Jiles does a wonderful job immersing the reader in the time and place…Jiles wonderfully conveys the surroundings, the way of life, the complexities of this time.” Cheri, Goodreads

This Week on Savvy Reader

Tuesday October 11th – What We’re Reading This Month

This month is amazing for books, Savvy Readers! We are into Fall now and we can finally bust out those intense books that you have been craving! See what our lovely Savvy team is reading this month here.

Wednesday October 12th – Savvy Savings

On this week’s Savvy Savings I hope you didn’t miss the killer deals! These three YA titles are sure to thrill! Go here.

Thursday October 13th – Book Quotes That Make the Perfect Instagram Captions


Our favourite book quotes are probably similar to yours, but we know it’s hard to remember them when you’re trying to think of the perfect Instagram caption. We have some super awesome caption ideas for your #ootd, bookstagram, and more here. You can also suggest some great captions for us to add @SavvyReader!

Friday October 14th – Bookmarks


This week’s Bookmarks included a MUST-READ EXCERPT from the above title (it’s so good you guys!), some great award news, and a nifty new way to find out which book you should be reading next. Check out this week’s bookmarks here

Rewards & Contests

You love contests, right? And rewards too, maybe? So do we, and that’s why we like to tell you all about them. Next week have a really, really great reward coming for you—IF you’ve been reading our ‘featured reads’ that is *no spoilers*—AND we have a few cool contests to tell you about right now.

  1. You can still enter to win the Savvy Reader fall giveaway on BCLiving.ca, but not for long… enter now! (By the way, that’s five books, FREE!). Details here.
  2. We also found this pretty cool giveaway on Goodreads, where HarperCollins Canada is giving away copies of Willem De Kooning’s Paintbrush (2016 Giller longlisted!) to ten lucky winners. Time is running out, so enter here. (P.S. this giveaway ends TODAY!)

Stay Tuned

Next week we will continue the fun because there’s LOTS going on in fall. Perhaps something about a queen and blood? What? We’ll also tell you what you should be for Halloween, and more! Stay tuned!

Keep on reading, Savvy Readers!


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