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Are you already dreading winter and the feeling of not wanting to leave your cave of warmth and comfort? Well fear no more! I have a book that will help to transport you away from all of that gloom and take you to a faraway kingdom covered in green trees.

On September 20th, Sarah Beth Durst’s debut adult fantasy novel The Queen of Blood was released. Just looking at the cover, I knew I wanted to read it. I mean, look at that beautiful cover image!


I totally judged this book by its cover, and it paid off. This book was amazing! I absolutely could not put it down.

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The Queen of Blood takes place in a magical land called Renthia. In this world, spirits inhabit everything: trees, water, earth, fire, ice, and air. Without them, nothing grows, nothing flourishes, and the world would die. But with them, the citizens live in fear that they will one day be killed by the spirits. These beings only listen to the Queen of Renthia and have one desire: to kill all the humans.


I loved that Durst let us see how Daleina grew up. We first meet her when she is six and discover just how dangerous the relationship is between the spirits and humans. When her village is destroyed, she remains strong and vows to protect people and prevent another tragedy from happening. I really loved how I got to truly know Daleina from the inside out.

When Champion Ven chose her to be his candidate as an heir when the current queen’s reign ends, I was so excited!


The way their relationship grew as mentor and student was very realistic and I was really cheering Daleina on as Ven trained her to become an Heir.

There is also some mystery to the story as well, which I won’t spoil for you…. But the way it was executed was perfect. Durst never reveals the mystery in its entirety until the very end and it just kind of blows your mind, to put it simply. She really plays with the whole idea that nothing is ever black and white and takes that moment to show us that even when someone is doing something terrible, they may believe it is for the right reasons.

As I got closer to the end, I thought I had figured out what was going to happen, but then Durst revealed another surprise with only eighteen pages left. I love when a book can totally take me by surprise and make me want to read it even more.

If you’re still looking for that perfect vacation on a budget, this is the book for you. It will take you away from those cold, cloud-covered days and into a world filled with adventure and intrigue. I highly recommend The Queen of Blood for any fantasy readers. If you end up picking it up, let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader! I truly cannot wait for the next books to come out in the series!

The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your shelf today!


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