Perfect Pairings: Fall Drinks & Books

Fall is my favourite time of year hands down!! The parties, the pumpkin pie, the family, and THE BOOKS. I decided it would be prudent to combine the two best things about the holiday season – books and drinks. So, cheers to fall!


#1 – Pear Sangria & Leave Me


I recommend the pairing of this sparkling pear sangria with Leave Me by Gayle Forman. While sipping on this delightful escape, you can get lost with one mother who decides to run away from her responsibilities. Enjoy the rewards without any risk (hey, you didn’t run away).

#2 – Freakshakes & Based on a True Story


These Freakshakes are to normal shakes as Norm Macdonald’s Based on a True Story is to ordinary memoirs. Don’t know what I mean? Sip/eat/devour these Freakshakes, while trying to distinguish reality from fiction in Norm Macdonald’s hilarious and entertaining memoir, and I promise you will not be disappointed. (I know these are normally a summer drink, but I think we can make an exception because YUM!).

#3 – Cranberry Margaritas & Feminist Fight Club


This next drink is simply a recommendation because YOU DRINK WHATEVER YOU WANT when you read Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett! Just make sure you feel amazing while doing it! I think these cranberry margaritas taste delicious, especially paired with an empowering, hilarious feminist workplace guidebook.

#4 – Oolong Tea & Barbarian Lost


This calming, traditional autumn oolong tea will make you feel like you are a part of the culture and atmosphere of China, and pairing it with Barbarian Lost by Alexandre Trudeau is simply a no-brainer. Get lost in Alexandre’s beautiful accounts of China from a tourist point of view, while you appreciate the intricacies of the brew. 3 different types for 3 different moods!

#5 – Red Velvet Hot Chocolate & The Wangs vs. the World


This red velvet hot chocolate with cream cheese whipped cream is the most luxurious drink I have ever laid my eyes on, so naturally I paired it with The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang. These rich, extravagant drinks remind me of the Wang families’ ability to demand the best of the best even when it comes to the little things.

#6 – Pumpkin Keg & Everyone’s An Artist


Everyone’s An Artist with this creative pumpkin keg (I know, amazing right?). The pumpkin keg just proves that Ron Tite, Scott Kavanagh, and Christopher Novais were right when they said anyone can be inventive with their book Everyone’s an Artist (or At Least They Should Be). The book makes a connection creativity in the business world, and the pumpkin keg gets down to business in a creative way. See what I did there?

#7 – Apple Cider & Every Hidden Thing


You know that “warm to the bone” feeling that apple cider gives you? Well how about you sip, enjoy, and cozy on up while Kenneth Oppel’s main characters in Every Hidden Thing take you through the early days of archaeology and the discovery of dinosaur bones. The action, betrayal, and passion will make you glad that you have a comfort drink.

#8 – Traditional Irish Coffee or Simple Irish Coffee & The Wonder


I’ve decided to give The Wonder by Emma Donoghue two variations of wonderful Irish coffee. There is the traditional version, but for those of us who do not have time to make that one, I’ve also included a simple (delicious Bailey’s) recipe! While sipping on your Irish coffee you will feel immersed in Irish culture because not only is the author Irish, but so is the setting of the story! Other than St. Patrick’s Day, this is the time you get to feel like you are also Irish!


#9 – Maple Bacon Caesar & F*ckin’ Eh! Colouring Book


The Caesar, invented in Canada and topped with Canadian Maple Bacon, could not be more Canadian (wait, did I say Canadian?). Fill up with this Maple Bacon Caesar while delicately (or not so delicately) colouring the F*ckin’ Eh Canadian Colouring Book by Leor Boshi.

#10 – Manhattan & Buffering


Known for her cooking show “My Drunk Kitchen”, Hannah Hart’s new memoir, Buffering, is sure to please. Sip on a Manhattan after a hard day at work and enjoy the finer things in life—the courage of a young woman, and her delightful comedy.




What’s your favourite thing to drink in the fall? If you think you can take it a step further and pair it with a book, we’d LOVE to hear about it (in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader, as always!).

Montana Barbosa

@montybarbosa & @SavvyReader

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