50 Book Pledge Round-Up: October 24-28

Hello Savvy Readers! We’ve been gearing up for Halloween here at the office, have you? If you missed this week’s (spooky) book news, you’ve come to the right place!


The 50 Book Pledge

Readers, at 80%! In total we have read over 120,000 books! Now is the time for us to shine!!! With this cold weather approaching let us all hibernate and show the world what us readers are made of! We are so close to that end goal, great job!


This Week’s Featured Read


This week’s featured read is Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. It’s a touching story of how people grow up, and how things change. Get ready to feel hurt, angry, and sad along with the characters and their blended families. We see just how challenging family can be—especially when kids are thrown together as step-siblings. Fellow readers loved this deep literary masterpiece just as much as we did!

“Indeed, this is Patchett’s most autobiographical novel, a sharply funny, chilling, entrancing, and profoundly affecting look into one family’s “commonwealth,” its shared affinities, conflicts, loss, and love.” Booklist, Amazon

“Ann Patchett has written a novel of immense beauty, charm, sadness and tragedy. She will have you laughing out loud as you read one minute and wiping a tear away the next.” Jon, Boomerang Blog

“It is just such a beautiful book it will make you want to call everyone in your family and tell them you love them or share a few favorite stories.” Renata, Goodreads

“Patchett’s storytelling here feels warmer and richer and more resonant than anything she’s done before.” Entertainment Weekly, Amazon

This Week on Savvy Reader

Tuesday October 25th – Top 10 Books to Read Now That Divergent is Over


Don’t be sad now that Divergent is over! We have the best list for all you Dystopian Romance lovers! Whether it’s a series or a stand alone book, we have you covered! Let us know if you agree with our list!

Wednesday October 26th – Savvy Savings

These reads will have you checking over your shoulders constantly this Halloweekend! And the prices are scary cheap! Check them out here!

Thursday October 27th – Books-to-Screen: Our Favourite Adaptations

Check out these awesome movie adaptations (that were just as good as the book) here! Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below!

Friday October 28th – Bookmarks


On this week’s Bookmarks, we share Veronica Roth tour dates, some exciting bookish magic, the Governor General’s Literary Awards and the Man Booker Prize, and finally the Savvy Reader Giveaway! Check it all out here!

Rewards and Contests

1. HALLOWEEN Giveaway! On the Savvy Reader we are giving away 5 thriller/mystery titles to 1 lucky winner! Enter here!

2. You could win a signed copy of CANADA ABC, a B is for Beaver print, and an alphabet poster from Harper Classroom! Enter here!

Stay Tuned

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SavvyReader to stay up to date on the latest book news! Next week we have a hilarious featured read (hint: something to do with a family losing money) and something special for National Author’s Day!




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