50 Book Pledge Roundup: Oct 31 – Nov 4

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Is it just me or does it already start to feel like Christmas is gearing up? I mean Starbucks has their winter drink menu, but I’m still craving pumpkin spice so…

…Anyways, due to this disorientation I understand if you aren’t up to date with the latest book news, and that’s why we are here! So I’ll get to the point…


The 50 Book Pledge

Savvy Readers! We are currently at 81% of our goal! That means we’ve read over 122,000 books! I’d LOVE to know what you think we can accomplish in the month of November, and there may or may not be something big coming your way when (if) we reach our goal… Just keep reading, reading, reading…


This Week’s Featured Read


If you love stories that are very character driven and emotional, you will LOVE The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang. The entire Wang family is hilarious and uniquely motivated, which makes the reader’s journey through the book enjoyable and entertaining. Having lost everything, his cosmetics empire and all his money, Charles Wang desperately clings to the one hope he has left—the land of his ancestors in China. I LOVED this book, and other readers clearly did too…

“I will be surprised if Hollywood doesn’t already have plans to turn this into a movie, and I expect it will be a big hit when it’s made.” Cheri, Goodreads

“Jade Chang’s debut novel is a heartbreaking, hilarious, and honest American epic: a road trip that’s an ultimate escape from our parents’ American dream, toward an unknown destination that’s both more vulnerable and hopeful.” J. Ryan Stradal, Amazon

This book has EVERYTHING: riches! Rags! It girls! Art stars! Stand-up comedians! Organic farmers! Helicopters! Virgins! Sex! Boarding school bitches! It’s smart and hilarious and touching and true.” Lauren Strasnick, Goodreads

Jade Chang is unendingly clever in her generous debut novel about the comedy of racial identity. If there is a stereotype that Asian-Americans kids are quiet, unpopular and studious, that their parents are strict disciplinarians (think Tiger Mom), then Chang has conjured up the Wangs to prove otherwise.” Kevin Nguyen, New York Times Book Review

This Week on the Savvy Reader

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For National Author day we decided to compile a list of the 10 best author Twitter accounts to follow! You know you want to… Check them out here!

Wednesday November 2 – Savvy Savings

On this week’s Savvy Savings we have thrillers to inspire your inner detective! Try and solve the mystery and check out the #ChooseYourThrill competition!

Thursday November 3 – What We’re Reading This Month


Check out what the Savvy Reader crew is reading this month here! You won’t want to miss these amazing books!

Friday November 4 – Bookmarks


This week on Bookmarks Karen talks about several exciting things: Beauty and the Beast photos, A Series of Unfortunate Events trailer, Harry Potter yoga, and our #ChooseYourThrill contest!

Rewards and Contest

Choose Your Thrill contest! You could win the grand prize of 30 books by completing the quiz and testing your inner detective skills! Get in the conversation by using #ChooseYourThrill on Twitter!

We also have some pretty exciting badges coming soon (including one for the above mentioned Choose Your Thrill). We can’t wait to see how beautiful they look on your 50 Book Pledge profile!

Our 50 Book Pledge Halloween Giveaway has ended! One winner received five new books including The Sisters, Missing Presumed, The Fireman, The Kept Woman, and The Perfect Girl. Congratulations! And stay tuned for future 50 Book Pledge giveaways by following @SavvyReader!

Stay Tuned

Next week we’ll be chatting all about the Giller, feature a wonderful read from Wilbur Smith, and provide some suggestions for jumping in on all the Movember fun!


So, what are you reading this weekend? Tell us on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments below!


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