Perfect Pairings: Books and Mustaches

👨 HAPPY MOVEMBER, Savvy Readers! 👨

To celebrate and take part in this amazing campaign, we are bringing you the PERFECT Movember mustaches and books pairings! Which mustache will you grow (or wish someone you know would grow)? Don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner, so if you want to make it a fan[tash]tic one…

Also, side note, I wish I could look as good as Meryl Streep does in a mustache…


View the full Movember Mustache guide here 👨👨👨

#1 – The After Eight & Art in the Blood


The London Bridge inspired mustache, The After Eight, is perfect for Londoner Sherlock Holmes and his adventures in Art in the Blood by Bonnie Macbird. He is the classic example of an English gentleman who would look dashing in a mustache like this one.

#2 – The Box Car & Die Hard Coloring Book


The Box Car mustache means business, just like John McClane in this Die Hard Coloring Book by Doogie Horner. This maximum style, minimum effort is just how he rolls—who has time to spend perfectly grooming their mustache when they’re busy saving the world from terrorists?


#3 – The Rock Star & Just Between You and Me


The Rock Star mustache is self-explanatory. Myles Goodwyn, the rock legend from April Wine, wrote a memoir called Just Between You and Me that is, to put it simply, just the perfect pairing for this full-of-attitude, legendary ‘stache.


#4 – Abrakadabra & Water for Elephants


Does anyone else think of a ringmaster when they see this mustache? Well I instantly linked the Abrakadabra mustache with the touching circus novel Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, and the evil ringmaster August (I can picture him curling the ends with his fingertips and laughing maniacally.)


#5 – The Trucker & The Dude Diet


The Trucker mustache is one that looks dirty, but is deceptively well-groomed and loved. This ultimate man mustache pairs perfectly with The Dude Diet by Serena Wolf. She provides healthy alternatives to the traditional “dirty” food that we all love to eat.


#6 – The Wisp & The Wangs vs. the World


The Wisp mustache is for the sophisticated gentlemen. In Jade Chang’s The Wangs vs. the World Charles Wang is the most sophisticated man, with the experience of a cosmetics millionaire and landowning Chinese ancestors, you just know he would rock this ‘stache.


#7 – The Connoisseur & And Then There Were None


The Connoisseur, being both appropriated to villains and detectives, is a perfect pairing for Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None  because the novel features both. This old-timey mustache suits both the people and the atmosphere of this classic murder-mystery novel.

#8 – The Regent & I’ll Take You There


The Regent mustache transports its wearer back to the ’20s, just like I’ll Take You There by Wally Lamb. The movers and shakers will inform you of what it’s like to live as a movie star during this time period! Find out what I mean by pre-ordering now!


I hope you liked our mustache and book pairings, Savvy Readers! Let us know what you think or tell us which book you would pair with your own mustache in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

And just know that I can’t stop laughing at this GIF…



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