Top 10 Perfect Fireplaces to Read By

Things that make me grumpy: cold weather.

Things that make me happy: A good book (because, of course) and a warm place to read it.

Enter: fireplace reading!


Just the thought of cuddling up by a fire in my favourite pj’s with a favourite book makes me feel warm inside. Since I don’t actually have a fireplace of my own, I’ve compiled a bunch of photos to help me feel a little less grumpy.

For the Nature Lover


Before the weather gets any colder, I’d like to grab a comfy blanket and a good book and hang out around this fire. 


For the Tolkien Lover


Once you’ve been there and back again, be sure to reward yourself with a good read by this cozy fire fit for a Hobbit.


For the Book Lover


Being surrounded by books is almost as comforting as actually snuggling up with one.


For the Harry Potter Lover


Book club in the Gryffindor common room? Count me in!


For the Family Lover


Something about this one just screams “Grandma’s house,” which probably means there will be hugs and cookies to accompany your reading.


For the DIY Lover


This fireplace may not provide much warmth, but that doesn’t make me want to snuggle up by it any less.


For the Cabin Lover


If I had to be snowed in somewhere, this seems like just the kind of place I’d want to be.


For the Comfort Lover


Natural lighting + perhaps the comfiest looking couches I’ve ever seen, all that’s missing is a cup of cocoa and a good book!


For the Disney Lover


Fireplace in an enchanted castle? Yes please!


For the Cuddle Lover


Not sure I’ve ever seen anything more inviting than this fireplace + giant pillow combination. Me + a book + my dog on a pillow = HEAVEN


What about you, Savvy Readers? What are some of your winter reading habits?

Let us know on twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments below!


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