Why You Should Be a 50 Book Pledger

Hi Savvy Readers! It’s nearing the end of the year (what?!), and that means it’s almost the end of the 50 Book Pledge. Have you reached your goal?

It’s time to start thinking of next year’s Book Pledge and we want to help you (and your friends!) get started on that reading list! We know you’ve already signed up in anticipation of all the books you didn’t get to this year, but here are some reasons to hop on the 50 Book Pledge band wagon (as if you need more!):

1. Joining helps you with that New Year resolution to read more! And if you join before the end of the year, we’ll remind you to start building you shelves again in 2017 so you’ll never forget. We’ll also keep track of all the books you read in 2016 (and any previous years) for your reference.



2. The 50 Book Pledge introduces you to new books you might not have looked at otherwise. You can follow your friends who are doing the challenge with you and see what they’re reading as well our own Featured Reads and reviews! This means you can find cool reads you might not have picked up at the book store!



3. You can challenge your friends with a race to see who can read 50 books first. A friendly competition with friends is always fun (especially if you’re the winner!) but this competition means that you’ll be reading lots of fun books, so it’ll be easy to compete in! You can also get your significant other to join in and have reading dates too (!!!).

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4. The 50 Book Pledge helps you keep track of all the books you want to read and all the ones you have already read! If you’ve ever gone to a book store and thought a book looked great, only to bring it home and find out you already own it, then we’ve got you. You can track everything you’ve already read and make that TBR list more organized with our help.



5. Earn rewards for reading authors, genres, reaching milestones, and more! When you read certain authors or books that we’re featuring, you’ll get a badge! You also get them when you reach book milestones, like completing the 50 Book Pledge and even reading 100, 150, and 200 books!



6. Enter contests to win more books to read for your pledge! Savvy Reader is always hosting contests and giveaways to help you reach that goal of 50 books. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your goal! Make sure you follow us @SavvyReader on Twitter so you can stay up to date with all bookish giveaways.



7. Think of all the new books you get to buy! We know you don’t need an excuse to buy another book (who does?) but when your mom (or roommate or husband or wife) asks why you bought more books again, you can tell her you’re doing it for the 50 Book Pledge! And then convince her to join so she can buy more books, too!



8. Discover a whole new reader community and be part of something bigger! Who doesn’t love being part of a community? And a book community? Even better! Finding people who like the same books as you, have the same OTPs, and adore the same characters is the best feeling ever. You may even make some new friends while reading!



9. Reduce your stress with reading. Everyone knows that reading helps reduce stress. It’s a great way to calm down before bed, or enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. And don’t worry, we’ll help encourage you to start that new book, just follow @SavvyReader!



10. It’ll help you pass the time by doing something productive. Time’s going to pass anyway, so you may as well do something fun right? Reading makes the time fly by! You can do it anywhere, and at any time! That commute will go by so much faster when you’re reading a good book. In fact, you might not want to get off the train at all.



11. You may be inspired by one of our Featured Reads to write your own story! Have you ever read a really good book and felt inspired to write your own? We can help introduce you to those books! And there are lots of ways you can get that new novel off the ground, including NaNoWriMo and tips from our editors!



12. Challenge yourself by setting a goal of anywhere between 12 and 200 books to read and see if you can match or beat it. And if you can’t, remember there’s always next year! Instead of challenging your friends, challenge yourself to read as many books as you possibly can! It’s different for everyone, just see if you can reach your goal (or beat it)!



13. All the cool kids are doing it! And you’ll also get bragging rights, of course.



Need we say more Savvy Readers? Let us know what your goal is for next year on Twitter @SavvyReader! And sign up for the 50 Book Pledge here!


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