50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Chaos

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I hope you’re ready for some more Cornwell! This week, our 50 Book Pledge Featured Read is a little different from last week’s, other than that the authors share the same last name..


Patricia Cornwell has delivered another very (very) suspenseful Kay Scarpetta novel. Before I say anything more, I have to tell you not to worry if you haven’t read anything in the Kay Scarpetta series yet. Chaos easily stands alone despite the fact that it’s the 24th engrossing thriller in the series. Newcomers to Cornwell will fall in love, and naturally want to pick up all of the other 23 novels.


Chaos takes places in Massachusetts. The population is suffering from one of the worst heatwaves in history. But 26 year-old Elisa Vandersteel manages to be killed riding her bicycle along the Charles River… supposedly by lightning.

Things aren’t completely adding up… The weather is perfectly clear but this girl has been struck by lightning. What? Dr. Kay Scarpetta to the rescue! The Director and Chief of the Cambridge Forensic Center, Scarpetta decides that this is no accident and sets off to investigate.

Things only get stranger when she begins receiving bizarre poems from Tailend Charlie, an anonymous cyberbully. For example, one audio message – translated – says “Back again, K.S. By popular request, no less!” The messages don’t stop, and the tenth poem arrives exactly 24 hours after Elisa’s death. Scarpetta begins to suspect Tailend Charlie is involved. But finding him is nearly impossible.

Told in first person and over a very short timeframe, you will surely be kept in suspense, right til the very end. The science behind the deaths are actually factual, which makes them all the more fascinating.

Not sure about you, but we’re hoping the Scarpetta series never ends. Chaos is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your TBR shelf now!

I hope you have a happy week FULL of reading!



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