Top 10 Books to Read If You Liked Gone Girl

What’s up Savvy Readers? Are you going through thriller withdrawal? Today we’re coming at you with a list of thrillers to read now if you like Gone Girl!



Where they found her by Kimberly McCreight: If you’re looking for a spooky, super creepy thriller, this is it! When the body of a newborn is found in the woods of the campus of Ridgedale, New Jersey’s prestigious university, everyone wants to know what happened. Follow three women as they try to find out what happened, and discover what links them all together.



The Perfect Girl by Gilly MacMillan: This book is full of questions and will keep you hanging on till the end! After being involved in an accident that left three students dead, Zoe Maisey and her mom Maria are moving forward with a new beginning. Zoe gives a recital that Maria needs to be perfect, but instead she ends up dead. Now everyone is trying to figure out what happened, and you will too!



Perfect Remains by Helen Fields: This book is perfect if you’re looking for that thriller/murder mystery story! With a murderer who covers his tracks so well, can Luc Callanach prove himself to his new team and help find the killer of successful women?



The Teacher by Katerina Diamond: Have you ever felt like you can’t trust your teachers? This thriller is for you! The body of the head teacher of an exclusive school is found hanging from the rafters of the assembly hall. And it is only the beginning. As the number of gruesome deaths increase, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles struggle to solve the case. Read on to find out about all of the grim secrets, corruption, lies, and exploitation of the community as the number of deaths rise.



Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter: All of Karin Slaughter’s books are amazing. They keep you on the edge, flipping through the book until you finally read that last page. Pretty Girls doesn’t disappoint! After their teenage sister went missing, Claire and Lydia stopped speaking to each other and went on to lead very different lives. But when Claire’s husband is murdered, they come to an uneasy truce. Can these two discover what links a murder and a disappearance? And will they get the revenge they so desperately seek?



Killing Kate by Alex Lake: Imagine there is a serial killer in your home town. Now, imagine all the victims look like you. That’s what happens to Kate, who returns from a holiday with girlfriends only to discover that all of the victims of a serial killer look like her. Is it coincidence? Or something more? Is it her mild-mannered ex-boyfriend, or someone else? Read on to find out!



The Sisters by Claire Douglas: Ever met a brother and sister pair who seem a little weird? Not quite normal? Abi is still reeling after a tragic accident that killed her twin sister. After making a new start in Bath, she meets siblings Bea and Ben and becomes caught up in their circle of friends. But strange things are happening to her, and now threatening notes are appearing in her room. Who is behind all of it? Or is Abi just seeking attention?



Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner: Love trying to piece together a mystery and solve it before the end of the book? Try to solve this mystery before Manon Bradshaw, a respected member of the Cambridgeshire police force. Edith Hind is missing and the only clues are some blood in the kitchen, and the keys and phone she left at home. As the investigation broadens and the media reaches a fevered pitch, secrets Edith kept hidden come to light. And what Manon discovers affects not just Edith, but also herself.

And two highly anticipated thrillers coming soon..


Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson (January 2017): Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you? Kate Priddy was always slightly neurotic growing up. Her paranoia reached new heights when she was kidnapped and nearly killed by her ex-boyfriend. When Corbin Dell, her distant cousin in Boston, offers to switch apartments, allowing Kate time in a new place, she agrees. But a murder scene in the apartment next-door is waiting for her. Is Corbin the murderer? Or maybe it’s the attractive Alan Cherney? Kate makes disturbing discoveries in Corbin’s apartment and begins to imagine the worst. But the worst is yet to come.


A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell (March 2017): Do you know someone who is helpful, kind, supportive, but you really know nothing about them at all? Emily and Stephanie are friends and their sons are best friends and classmates. When Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son from school, she immediately says yes. But then Emily never comes to get her son and doesn’t answer Stephanie’s calls or texts. Stephanie is worried and reaches out to readers of her blog and Emily’s husband, Sean. Then Emily is found dead. Mystery solved. Or is it? Nothing is quite what it seems in this thriller!


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