Gift Guide: Bookish Secret Santa (Under $20!)

Secret Santa gift exchanges are such a great way to celebrate the holidays with friends (or family) if you’re on a budget!

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of Secret Santa let us break it down: a group of people get together and all randomly (and secretly) select a name and then buy (or make) a gift for the person they selected. There’s also generally a set budget for everyone to stick to. It’s such a great idea for those of us with large families or large friend groups.


This year, we’re making it easy for you with another Savvy Gift Guide. Even better, everything on our list is just $20 or less!



Mug 1 | Mug 2 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: books and warm drinks are the perfect pair. You can’t go wrong gifting a beautiful and bookish mug (you could even DIY a nice coaster to go with it)!


Holiday Tea Blends

Tea 1 | Tea 2 


If you’re friend already has more mugs than they know what to do with, you could always opt for the warm drink to go in the mugs! Holiday blends like White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos Tea or Gingerbread Black Tea sound simply heavenly, and at just under $10 each you could gift them both and stay on budget!


Cookie Mix

Cookies 1 | Cookies 2

If your Savvy Reader has a sweet tooth, and a penchant for baking, they will definitely love this one! You can find some many recipes online or you can buy a pre-made mix if that’s easier! Be sure to dress it up with a cute tag and anything else you’d like!


Personal Library Kit


For the book reader in your life who is also a book collector: give the gift of a personal library kit. Such a great way to keep tabs on all your books, and who you’ve lent them to!


Posters or Prints

Poster 1 | Poster 2


The perfect way to dress up a room! And there are so many options – pick a favourite book cover, a quote, or just something beautiful.


Reading Journal

Journal 1 | Journal 2


Readers love to track what they’ve read, so why not gift a beautiful reading journal?? They are so many options, like the two above, or you could even buy a plain journal and personalize it for your reader! (Be sure to also encourage them to join the 50 Book Pledge so they never run out of reading suggestions)!



Pen 1 | Pen 2


Reading and writing so often go hand-in-hand, so why not gift your Savvy Reader a fancy new pen? Personally, we’re obsessed with these feather pens!

Do you have any go-to Secret Santa gifts we missed, Savvy Readers? Let us know! Comment below or send us a tweet, @SavvyReader

Happy Gifting!



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