50 Book Pledge Featured Read: A Boy Called Christmas

If you’re looking for a new Christmas/holiday book that you’ll be reading year after year, A Boy Called Christmas is it! For both children and grown ups, Matt Haig has created a wonderful, super cute, and a little dark, Christmas-y world that you’ll never want to leave.

Okay, so, the story:

Nikolas is eleven years old and lives with his dad in the second smallest cottage in all of Finland. His only toy is—and has ever been—a turnip doll. Yes, a doll carved out of turnip. But Nikolas is a good kid, and he tries his best to believe in happiness and possibilities. Seriously. Because as Nikolas eventually learns, “an impossibility is a possibility that you don’t understand.”

Nikolas’ father, Joel, leaves for the Far North having been offered a new job. Him and a group of men are to film Elfhelm. Anxious at home with the *awful* Aunt Carlotta, Nikolas sets off to the North Pole to find (and save) his father.


Along the way, the epic adventures are endless: snow, kidnapping, reindeer, a truth pixie, elves, a troublesome troll, a hidden world of enchantment…

But I think that’s all I’ll tell you about the story for now. Most importantly, Nikolas is a character you will definitely fall in love with time and time again. There’s so much more to the Christmas story you already (think) you know as author Matt Haig reveals Santa’s true origin.

A Boy Called Christmas is a perfect read-aloud book, and one that will have everyone in the Christmas spirit before you’re through the first chapter. Oh, and before I forget – there’s some really delightful illustrations by Chris Mould in there too. Added bonus!

We can all probably take some advice from A Boy Called Christmas this holiday season:


Start the tradition now with this Christmas classic-in-the-making!


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