Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Well, Savvy Readers, it’s happening. Christmas is PRACTICALLY HERE!


We know how hectic this time of year can be – maybe you’ve been frantically finishing up assignments and studying for exams or maybe you’ve been hustling to meet last minute deadlines at work – so we’re not judging you or anything, but we know there’s a chance you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet.

With only two days left before the big day, we thought you might appreciate another Savvy Gift Guide full of great last minute gift ideas. So, if you haven’t had time to shop, or you just haven’t been able to find that perfect something for the truly picky person on your list, we can help!


Gift Cards

Gift Card Wrapping

You literally can’t go wrong with a gift card. You are basically gifting free money. Of course, the Savvy Reader in your life would most love a bookstore gift card, but you can get gift cards for virtually anywhere these days. Plus you can get creative with the way you package them up!


Subscription Boxes

A great gift idea for any time of year! And perfect for last minute shoppers. With subscription boxes, like OwlCrate, you simply sign up online and voila! Instant perfect gift – book and bookish goodies set to arrive right at your Savvy Readers door.


Blind Date with a Book

You may have heard about the Blind Date with a Book movement (if you haven’t, read about it here), so why not create your own personalized book recommendations? This is one of Savvy Reader Laura’s favourite things to gift (find her on Instagram here)! You can recommend any number of books, and instead of buying a whole bunch of books and wrapping them, you can simply put together some envelopes with your recommendations inside (one book per envelope, with a teaser on the outside).


Pre-order a New Book

If you know your reader is just dying to get their hands on a book that doesn’t come out until after Christmas, you can always pre-order it for them (if you’re looking for suggestions, may we suggest Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth)! And to ensure they still have a gift to open for Christmas, get creative with a save the date card. You can download library catalogue cards here and then personalize to your hearts content!


Reading Playlists

Mixtape 1 | Mixtape 2 

Who says the art of the mix tape is dead? Some readers like to read in silence, but others love a good soundtrack, so you might consider curating the perfect playlist for them. You can compile all the songs onto a USB or you can handwrite the list for them. Bonus: get some song inspiration here and here.




A classic if you’re on a budget. Gift your Savvy Reader some handmade coupons to guarantee them 1 Trip To The Bookstore (Unlimited Browsing) or 1 Hour of Uninterrupted Reading. You can make them yourself (like we did above!) or download a set of printable coupons, like these ones.


And finally… Books!


You can feel pretty confident that your local Independent book store and/or Indigo will have books in stock! Head to the nearest one and you’ll soon have a gift for everyone on your list.



Okay, Savvy Readers, that’s the last of our Gift Guides! Which one was your favourite/most useful (see them all in one place, here)?? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet, @SavvyReader.

Happy Holidays, all!


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