#ASOUE Twitter Chat Roundup

On #FridayThe13th, the Savvy Reader team hosted an #ASOUE Twitter Chat to discuss some unfortunate things. A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS premiered on Netflix that day, and we were kind of (really) excited about it, and our fellow readers were too.


So, we hope you didn’t miss out. (It really was a blast).


But in case you did, we’ve rounded it all up for you in one simple post…


First, we had a peek at the first episode. (Which was amazing, FYI).


And then it was time for our Chat to begin!


We started with some prizes… ($250 VALUE!!!!!)


So good people were crossing… well, everything.


And squealing.


And it was a little more unfortunate for some…


Overall, everyone seemed to love this unfortunate story about the Baudelaire children. How unfortunate.



And basically EVERYONE admitted that they were going to be spending their weekend binging the series on Netflix.


Savvy Readers picked their favourite out of all 13 books… Results were tied for The Hostile Hospital and The Vile Village.


Our trivia question might have been Googled a few times… Do you know the answer?


My parents have always told me they don’t have a favourite, but it clearly wasn’t even a close tie for the Baudelaire siblings.


ASOUE is… Dark, peculiar, ghastly, tragic, funny, mysterious, clever, entertaining, fun, marvelous, and AWESOME!!!


Most importantly, we opened some eyes to this amazing series.


And then it was time to go.


But that’s not all. Did you forget about our amazing prize???




She was only a tad excited.


We had SO much fun chatting with all of our fellow ASOUE fans. Check out @SavvyReader #ASOUE on Twitter to see all of the wonderful, hilarious, unfortunate, and surprising things we chatted about during our Twitter Chat, and be sure to stay tuned for our next one! Until then…

Unfortunately yours,


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