50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: January 16-20

Happy weekend, Savvy Readers! I hope you all had a wonderful week (didn’t it just fly by!?) and that you have exciting (reading) plans for the weekend. We had such a fun week with so many great books being released and more fun stuff.


Check it all out below!

The 50 Book Pledge

This week, we reached over 4,000 pledgers! And it’s STILL only January! We’ve also read over 10,400 books! We’re here to blow 2017 out of the park, eh?!


This Week’s Featured Read


This week’s Featured Read was Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson. We’ve definitely started double-checking the locks on our doors since reading this one (which makes it a good book, because it’s stuck with us and taught us important lessons, right?!). Kate Priddy switches apartments with her cousin for a change of atmosphere. But soon after, she makes a shocking discovery… her next-door neighbour has been murdered. And the danger Kate has imagined isn’t nearly as twisted and deadly as what’s about to happen.

Our fellow readers this week come from the HCC First Look program. See what they thought here!

This Week on the Savvy Reader

Tuesday January 17 – Top 10 Book Series to Marathon

Ask us about book series! Please, do it! We’re a big fan of reading series because we don’t like to let go of good things (AKA books), so we put together this wonderful list of top 10 book series that you should definitely consider marathoning ASAP.

Wednesday January 18 – #ASOUE Twitter Chat Roundup

Last week we hosted a Twitter chat. This week we rounded it up. (Both were great fun).

Thursday January 19 – Books You Always Meant to Read

You know those books you’ve always meant to read, but never get to? The ones you see when you walk into a bookstore and you’re like “yeah, I’m going to finally buy this one. Oh wait… this new one looks soooo good.” *Puts old book down*. It’s time to crack down on those books, readers! Check out our list so you can add those book to your #SavvyTBR shelf and get reading!

Friday January 20 – Bookmarks: January 20th

Friday’s are our favourite days of the week, and not just because it’s Friday. Fridays mean BOOKMARKS! And as always, Karen has brought us all the good bookish news.

Rewards and Contests


Carve the Mark!!! That’s right, now you can earn a badge when you read Veronica Roth’s latest masterpiece!


And on that note, you can enter to win it! HCC Frenzy is hosting a #CarveTheMark giveaway on Twitter! All you have to do is Follow and Retweet, and the book (and above badge!) could be yours!


We know of one other great book you can win… this week’s Featured Read! Head to Goodreads to enter to win a copy of Her Every Fear before 01/27!

Stay Tuned!

Next week, we have a featured read from an incredible debut author, and all kinds of features surrounding her book! We’ll also have some (book) organization tips, perfect pairings, and more! Stay tuned and keep reading, readers!



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