Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf

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I don’t know about you, but my bookshelf is filling up faster than I have time to organize.  Somehow my books went from fitting on my shelves to overflowing onto my desk to stacking on the floor.


For organization inspiration, I’ve listed the top 10 ways you can arrange your bookshelves, so read on!


1. Probably the prettiest way of all: the Rainbow Shelf.  Organize your books by colour (use the proper ROYGBV order if you’re picky) and really showcase the beauty of your collection.  For this method, we encourage you to judge your books by their cover in creating this artsy display!


2. Channel your inner Indigo employee and organize your books by genre. Whether it’s a simple order of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Children’s Books, or a more in-depth one like Mystery, Romance, Poetry, and Biography, sort them in a way that makes the most sense to you!  It’s your library, after all!


3. Let’s get this one out of the way: order your books alphabetically by author.  While this may not be the most exciting or artistic way of displaying your archives, it’s arguably the most efficient.  My books are organized this way because I often lend books to friends and this makes them a) easy to find and b) easy to see what’s missing (for those friends who “forget” that you lent them the book).


4. One of the most unconventional ways of organizing your books is to do so autobiographically; that is, arranging them in the order that you read them. While the librarian in me shivers at the thought of placing these books so – dare I say – carelessly, I also think it’s a neat way to reflect on how your literary tastes have grown and changed!


5. Switch things up a bit and stack your books horizontally! This will give your #shelfie a totally different look.  Whether you keep them all horizontal or mix it up completely, stacking your books on their side is a unique, stylish way to display your favourite stories!


6. Another way to keep tabs on all of your books is to organize them by room. I know what you’re thinking:  “But I don’t have a Non-Fiction room in my house!”  Fear not, reader.  I simply mean that by keeping your cookbooks in the kitchen, your arts/entertainment books in the living room, and your #currentlyreading books in your favourite reading spot, finding the title you’re looking for will be a breeze!


7. Depending on what’s in your collection, you could arrange your books chronologically. I have quite the collection of Beatles literature, and I do my best to arrange them in sync with their albums and their careers.  For example, I start with their pre-Beatles biographies, then go into their albums by date, then their solo careers and lives post-1969.


8. A good way to make some more room on your shelves is to organize them by sentimentality. You could start with the books that mean the most to you and go all the way to that “clean eating” book your aunt got you for Christmas that year.  By actually looking at each book and deciding how you feel about it, this method of organizing your shelves could be the perfect excuse to donate those titles you just never got around to.


9. This unique method of breaking up your books a bit and adding some texture to your shelves is to add baskets. The baskets can hold books of the same genre, colour, or even no books at all!  They can hold book-related things like bookmarks, library cards, agendas, and journals.  If I had more shelf space (fat chance of that ever happening!), I’d love to add baskets for a cute, homey feel.


10. Unorganized as it may be, this hybrid shelf-chair is #GOALS. If you’re like me, you feel coziest when you surround yourself with the ones you love most – your books.  This chair is perfect for marathon-reading.  When you finish one book, you don’t even have to get up to get another!  I’m all for this comfy, lazy, geeky bookshelf!

I’m definitely going to try some of these to improve my #shelfie game.  What about you, Savvy Readers?  How do you organize your books?  Let us know in the comments or use #SavvyShelfie on Twitter or Instagram!

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