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The Fire by Night by Teresa Messineo tells the story of two World War II nurses and best friends, Jo McMahon and Kay Elliot. Jo is stationed in France, and as the last woman standing, she is determined to keep her patients alive in their makeshift, supply-barren medical tent. Meanwhile, Kay is trapped underground as a POW in a Japanese internment camp, fighting for her life. When the war is finally over and peace has been restored, Jo and Kay quickly learn that “peace” is subjective as they struggle to cope in the aftermath of death, loss and fear.

Read on for why you’ll love this book.


If You Liked The Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose…

If you’ve read The Band of Brothers, you know all about the ordinary men who became the most extraordinary World War II soldiers. The rough-and-ready guys who learned selflessness in their training, and formed the closest brotherhood they ever would. If you enjoyed reading and learning about these iconic soldiers, you’ll love The Fire by Night as it dives into the same time period, but alternatively focuses on field hospitals—the closest any female could get to the front line. If you liked The Band of Brothers, get your copy of The Fire by Night now!



If You Liked The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah…

The stories of two sisters vs. the stories of two best friends, both separated by WWII, all embarking on their own dangerous path to survival. The parallels between The Nightingale and The Fire by Night are clear as both books are written with the same courage and insight, but significant differences also set them apart. The story of the women’s war is a part of history that is not often heard or seen—but it’s an important one. If you liked The Nightingale, get your copy of The Fire by Night now!



If You Liked Circling The Sun by Paula McLain…

Can people please never stop writing stories about strong, independent women? If you liked reading about Beryl Markham and her wild adventures and determination, you’ll instantly fall in love with Jo and Kay who, despite being told they’re living in a “man’s world,” demand (and earn) the respect they deserve as decorated veterans. Feminists—you know you want to get your hands on a copy of The Fire by Night now.



If You Liked Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson…

In Somewhere in France, Lilly is an ambulance driver in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. This job takes her to the Western Front where she’s assigned to a field hospital. Sound familiar? Yes—Lilly’s right up there with the women in The Fire by Night who sacrificed their lives in their work. If you loved this story about love and war, get your copy of The Fire by Night now!


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If You Liked All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr…

Surviving the devastation of World War II is something most of us can only imagine. Anthony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See and Teresa Messineo’s The Fire by Night deal with the aftermath—a world that has been changed forever—of World War II. Their thoroughly researched novels will give you insight and inspiration, and make you ever-thankful for those who sacrificed their lives. Get your copy of The Fire by Night now!


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If You Liked Life After Life by Kate Atkinson…

In Life After Life, Ursula Todd is born with a gift—parallel lives, or lives that begin and end again and again. When she realizes the implications of these “second chances,” she attempts to prevent WWII. Though the war is anything but prevented in The Fire by Night, Jo and Kay dream about what life would’ve been like without it as they try to restore the feeling of peace. If you liked Life After Life, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of The Fire by Night now!

Well, Savvy Readers, which one of these books did you read and love? Will you take our advice and try The Fire by Night next?! Tell us on Twitter or in the comments below!


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