50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Carve The Mark

Savvy Readers! Looking to read another excellent fantasy after finishing Erika Johansen’s The Fate of the Tearling? Because, we have your next obsession!

“Honour has no place in survival.”

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Man, is Veronica Roth back with a vengeance.

Veronica Roth’s new novel Carve the Mark, is every bit as defiant and spell-bounding as her Divergent series. Roth creates an imaginative world in which every person has multiple futures but only some have destined fates – no matter how many different ways life can play out.

After Akos Kereseth is taken away from his homeland to serve the nation with which his people are at war, he must steel himself to be the hardened man his loved ones need in order to gain their freedom. Though he prepares himself to face the monster that is Ryzek Noavek, and his warrior-like nation of followers, he did not prepare himself for Ryzek’s sister.

Cyra Noavek is the nightmare that all people whisper about in fear. Where every person is blessed with a currentgift – the force that flows through their galaxy – Cyra’s feels more like a curse. Burdened to be in pain and to share that pain with all who come into contact with her, she has been used as her brother’s personal shadow of intimidation for years. Feared as ‘Ryzek’s Scourge,’ Cyra is the ultimate picture of strength, power, and lethalness.


But no one can tell her heart is divided.

Nothing is better than Veronica Roth’s characters! I really enjoyed how Akos really leapt off the page. He felt real, and more than just the male character meant to pry open Cyra’s heart. He was more than just the standard handsome guy, in fact his features (as well as Cyra’s) are never really important, which is refreshingly normal. I was in love reading about these character’s thoughts rather than their looks.


Roth creates two characters who are mesmerizing, intelligent, and extremely capable. Cyra is refreshingly unapologetic and certain, and it’s awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed how Roth set up a world in which nothing is so black and white.


I definitely recommend Carve the Mark as your next go-to read!

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