50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: Jan 30-Feb 3

Hi Savvy Readers! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. It’s been a busy one for us, so we’re looking forward to the weekend so we can do a lot of this:



If you’re feeling the same way, read on. We promise everything in this post is book-related (and will help you turn the world off for a bit).

The 50 Book Pledge

We are 4,400 strong, Savvy Readers! And we’ve read close to 17,000 books to boot. That’s incredible! We have to tell you: we have some really exciting stuff planned for our pledgers, and you have to be signed up to participate, so—tell your friends!


This Week’s Featured Read


This week, Brenann read Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (after patiently waiting, I might add). Fantasy lovers: this is your next obsession. V. Roth is back with a vengeance, so we’ll leave it to her to take you into the imaginative world she’s created in which every person has multiple futures but only some have destined fates… And I should note here that you’ll probably need to use her pronunciation guide. You can also take fun quizzes, read excerpts, and more here! Here’s what our fellow readers thought:

“What a badass book! This book completely blew me away.” – Sumeet B., Goodreads

‘The world is fascinating, and I loved learning about all the different cultures and histories and politics. The two main characters were fantastic, and both of their situations were really compelling. I appreciated that Cyra and Akos were smart and admirable yet still had their flaws.” – Kat O., Goodreads

“Roth already has one popular series under her belt, but with Carve the Mark she’ll likely have two.” – EW.

This Week on The Savvy Reader

Our Favourite January Bookstagrams

When a month ends, we finally get to show off our favourite bookstagram shots that you’ve been posting! Check out how talented these bookstagrammers are. We’re in awe 😍.

Top 10 Bookish Pillows

If you don’t love bookish pillows, we can’t be friends. Kidding…. sort of ;). But really, we looove these pillows and have decided to get rid of everything we own to make room for the pillows!!! Kidding again. But check them out here.

What We’re Reading This Month: February

And in case you were wondering, we told you all about what we’re reading! And we want to know what you’re reading too—so tell us in the comments section here or on Twitter!

Bookmarks: February 3rd

Where would we be without Karen and her Bookmarks? Catch up on this week’s book news here! What bookish news did you pick up on this week?!

Rewards and Contests


This week, you can enter to be an HCC First Look reader (which means you get the FIRST LOOK at this new book, and get to tell HarperCollins Canada what you think of it!). Enter here and do it now because the contest closes on February 7th!

We also reintroduced our #CanadaReads badge this week, so get reading, readers!

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.50.05 PM.png

Stay Tuned!

Next week, we’ll be celebrating Black History Month with a super great book list, we’ll have some new badges, and Valentine’s Day ideas… Stay tuned!



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