Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You + Your Book

“There is no friend as loyal as a book”. In the spirit of February’s upcoming ~day of looove~, we’ll take Hemingway’s word for it that no one in possession of a good read can be truly alone on Valentine’s Day. Book-in-hand, you may come to realize that, no; you don’t have one special someone with whom to share the day—you’ve got a whole world of them, instead. So, Savvy Reader, read on for our Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your book!

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Window seat at a café (or a restaurant, if you’re feeling fancy)

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Whether you wander into a café for the coffee or take it up a notch with a glass of wine in that restaurant you’ve been eyeing, ordering a table for one is both peaceful and empowering. Sit back, and let your environment enrich the experience of the story.

Picnic at the park

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They say planning for a trip can be just as satisfying as going on the trip itself. So, make your pre-picnic prep an experience by turning on your favourite soundtrack and cooking up a storm! You get bonus points if you stay in-theme with a meal mentioned in your book. Note: Your living room floor or neighbourhood park are equally picnic-worthy contenders.

Train ride to the next city (or cities!) over


A mysterious stranger arrives in a new city… both an alluring book synopsis and your Valentine’s Day plans! Book your ticket, pack your bag with a mystery novel (or two) (or five) and invent new identities for yourself at each passing station.

Spa pedicure


Savvy Reader, treat yourself this year! Head down to the spa and choose a polish colour that pays proper homage to your favourite character’s personality. Go deep red for the fiery and courageous, midnight blue for the moody and introspective or utter a brave “surprise me” for those can’t-pin-‘em-down wildcards. Don’t forget to bring your book along for some serious R&R.

Cozy up by the fire with wine and cheese (or hot chocolate and cookies!)


Time to bring the heat with a story and treat! Whether your pleasure lies in wine and cheese or hot chocolate and cookies, you don’t need another person around to craft a literary-worthy romantic atmosphere. No fireplace? No problem! Frostbread’s got you covered with this “old books” scented candle to set the scene.

Galentine’s Day book club

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What’s better than one bookworm poring over a riveting read in silence? A bookworm and their best friends poring over a riveting read in book club! Choose a book (bonus if it centers around the ever-important love shared between friends) and assemble a “Galentine’s Day” book club. Surround yourself with the company of your favourite real-life people on this year’s day of love.

Instrumental live music


Find a local band playing atmospheric music in a laid-back, sit-down setting, pack a book, and feel the two worlds harmonize in perfect synchronicity. Or… put on your favourite record/Spotify playlist and cozy up in your bed with your next read (we’re not judging).

Which book will you take on a date this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader! And remember: regardless of your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, Savvy Reader, you’ll find that there’s no shortage to be found of things to be loved.


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