50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: Feb 6-10

Happy weekend, Savvy Readers! This week went by super quickly (probably because I read a really good book—more on this below) but I’m so happy it’s the weekend (it means more time for reading) (in bed).


I hope your weekend plans are as exciting as mine 😉. Below, I’ve rounded up all of our bookish posts and exciting 50 Book Pledge achievements!

The 50 Book Pledge

Not only are we so close to having 4,500 readers, but we’ve also now read over 20,000 books collectively! I don’t know about you, but I’m super proud of us. Keep reading those books and updating those shelves, Savvy Readers! It’s only February and there’s lots of fun things ahead…


This Week’s Featured Read


This week’s featured read is what made the week go by so fast for me—because I spent every spare minute delving into Ben Finch’s investigation. Rachel Jenner and her eight-year-old son, Ben, are out for a walk with their dog on a regular Sunday afternoon. Ben asks if he can run ahead to the swing, and Rachel says yes. A few minutes later, Rachel is frantically searching and calling for her missing son.

Here’s what our fellow readers thought:

“I am recommending this as a must read for 2017 – I still can’t quite wrap my head around the twists!” — Candace, Twitter.

“I read this book in two days (even set my alarm two hours earlier because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next). I can’t wait for this author’s next book to come out!” – Jessica, Amazon.ca

“A realistic tale that I will not ever forget. I enjoyed the structure, with a before and after glimpse of the characters. 5 stars.” – Laurel, Goodreads.

“This book was unputdownable. I loved it all the way through. From the very begining it hooked me and kept me wanting to know what happened to poor Ben.” – Melanie, Goodreads.

“that was an awesome book!!!” – Teresa, Twitter.

This Week on The Savvy Reader

If You Liked The Book Of Negroes, Try…


We kicked the week off (or ended the weekend, however you want to look at it) with a bookish suggestion celebrating Black History Month. Have you read The Book of Negroes? If so, we’re recommending you try Steal Away Home next!

17 Dystopian Novels to Read Right Now

We’re just gonna leave these dystopian book suggestions (in light of current events) here…

February is Black History Month: Themed Books You Need To Read Right Now


It’s Black History Month, in case you missed the memo! We’ve put together a reading list of themed books from incredible authors that are 100% worth getting out of your pajamas and going to buy right now.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You + Your Book

Ever thought of taking your BOOK on a date? We did—because there really isn’t anything we love more. From coffee shops to picnics, spas to the train, we have a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your book.

Bookmarks: February 10th


Catch up on the bookish news of the week with Karen! Side note: We’re absolutely in love with this adorable picture 😍.

Rewards and Contests


Our Black History Month badge is live and yours for the earning! Read one of these books to earn it!

(ALSO! Keep your eyes peeled on 50bookpledge.ca Monday…..)

Stay Tuned

As I’ve slightly hinted at, we have some exciting things coming next week. We’ll talk about Valentine’s Day (for the feminist, that is), share some empowering book quotes, and bring to you another really perfect pairing. We can’t wait!


I hope you have a happy weekend, full of reading!


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