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Happy ‘almost the end of winter’ Savvy Readers!

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for the start of spring and the warmer weather, and you can’t believe how long it takes to get there! So I tend to live vicariously through my books… don’t we all?

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February has Valentine’s Day, Family Day and for you college and university students: Reading Week! All these holidays make it perfect for you to take that much needed vacation. So if you are going away for some much needed sun or a change of scenery, we’ve compiled a list of perfect books to take with you on that perfect vacation!

The Beach: We Were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk

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Are you headed to the beach for your perfect vacation? Take Lindsey Kelk’s new novel We Were on a Break for a witty, funny and charming read. This story is told from two different points of view. One is that of Liv, a sweet, intelligent veterinarian eagerly awaiting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. And the other is Todd, a struggling carpenter who has the perfect proposal in mind. But like most things in life, not everything always works out the way we planned, and before long, cold feet and bad communication cause things to get completely turned upside down. It’s light and perfectly entertaining for a relaxing read next to the water.

Asia: Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang

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If you’re headed across seas to somewhere very far away, like Asia perhaps, you’ll want to pack this beautiful historical fiction with you in your suitcase. Janie Chang’s masterful research into Dragon Springs Road will teach you things you never knew about Asian culture in the 20th century and it’ll have you experiencing the life of a young Eurasian orphan searching for her long-lost mother. If you’re not travelling quite that far, this novel fits into any serenely beautiful landscape as well.

West Coast: Nearly Normal by Cea Sunrise Person

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If you’re headed out to the west coast of Canada for your vacation, you should definitely give Cea Sunrise Person’s memoir a read (especially if you’re headed out to visit family— you might realize that yours isn’t so bad!). Cea’s second memoir relays her experiences growing up in an alternative lifestyle, and delves into how her unusual family shaped her into the woman she is today. Cea Person is raw and honest as she looks toward her past to make sense of her present.

Europe: The Valiant by Lesley Livingston

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Are you headed to Europe for your vacation? Sometimes it’s fun to take something not so serious and promises you a good time (just like your vacation!). We’re suggesting Lesley Livingston’s The Valiant to allow you to step back in time and read about the gladiators of Rome as you fallow fallen princess Fallon’s foray into the gladiator world and her kick-butt attitude.

Travelling all over: Transit by Rachel Cusk


Though set in London England, this novel is perfect for any travelling getaway where you wish to see or find a little change in your life. Rachel Cusk’s writing is mesmerizing and distinctive as she weaves a plot meant to demonstrate transition – personal, moral, artistic, and practical. This book can go with you anywhere because the writing is so fluid, but if you want to step into the narrator’s shoes, why not take it with you to London, England?

Hollywood: A Night in With Grace Kelly by Lucy Holiday

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Heading to the land of stars and red carpets? Then Lucy Holiday’s A Night In series is for you. Grace Kelly is the third and final Hollywood star to counsel and keep Libby Lomax company on her journey of happiness, and if Grace Kelly isn’t enough of a reason to pick up this book, then maybe Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe can sway you!? This book goes perfectly with Hollywood but we find it’s a little versatile too! The island getaway or the big city will also pair well with this fun and charming read!

Ireland: The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

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Ireland is so beautiful, we hope all you Savvy Readers have a chance to view its wide plains and ocean views. But, if it’s not in the foreseeable future, Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder will take you there in your imagination. If you do happen to be heading there, though, this novel is a must-bring! Full of mystery, Ireland, and of course, great writing! The ultimate perfect-pairing.

The Winter Cottage: History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

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Last but definitely not least, History of Wolves is haunting and beautiful. It’s a novel that tenderly and fiercely examines the truths of the human condition and follows the young Linda to the outbacks of Minnesota as she pieces her story together. Its setting (not to mention its beautiful cover!) will have you yearning for beautiful snowy landscapes. Which is why we recommend that you take this novel with you when you head up to your winter cottage. ….Also, can we come?


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We hope you enjoyed our list, and we hope you pick up and pack these great novels (and us!) to go along with you on your February vacay! Let us know where you’re headed for your vacation and which book(s) you’re planning on bringing!

Enjoy your free time and enjoy reading!


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