Top 10 Book Lover Struggles

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Do you find there are a few recurring problems being a book lover? In ode to book lovers everywhere we decided to make a list of our favourite book lover struggles for you all to enjoy (and relate to). Here are our top ten favourite (or least favourite!) struggles when it comes to the printed word!

They’re all so true, it hurts.

  1. The struggle when you finish a book series and can’t cope. You are just emotionally not ready to say goodbye.

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  1. On par with the first one, sometimes the despair continues for a long time… So then there’s the struggle of not being able to start a new book series because it won’t compare to the one you just finished. (Even though it probably actually will, because most of them are great.)

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  1. The emotional trauma of when a character you love (and weren’t expecting) dies! I mean what’s up with that?! It’s like the author knew you’d grow attached, and knew you would think they were too inconsequential to die (*cough, cough, Hedwig, cough cough*) then BAM. Emotional trauma.


  1. The good old-fashioned struggle of trying to finish a book you hate because no book must be left unfinished!

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  1. The struggle of when your book has a lot of explaining to do but there’s only like twenty pages left… And you know you’re probably not going to get all your answers which makes you seriously question the author.

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  1. And subsequently, there’s the struggle of when the book you were loving has a terrible ending! And you desperately try to remember all the good things about it, but the ending has literally ruined it all.

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  1. This one happens to me a lot: The struggle of finding out your mental pronunciation of the character’s name is very, very wrong and it hurts your ears to hear the “correction.” It’s a very good thing I do not have to read aloud.



  1. The stress of knowing how many good books are out there that you still haven’t read. My to-read list is getting out of hand, yet I still buy new books.

too many books


  1. The struggle of losing your bookmark in your sheets while reading in bed. They honestly just vanish!



  1. The biggest dilemma I have with myself is starting a new series. Do I buy the whole series and risk not liking it and wasting money? Or do I just buy the first book and suffer when I can’t buy the rest of them for a while? It kills me.

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What are your biggest book related struggles? Do you agree with our list? Do you totally understand? Let us know on Twitter @SavvyReader and share your favourites!

But no matter how many struggles I have, I will always love reading because having book-related problems, are great problems to have!

Happy Reading!


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  1. Reblogged this on Stacks and Ranges and commented:
    For the record, I have struggled with all of it. I especially excel in number 9, losing my bookmark in my sheets. Too bad there 9a doesn’t exist, that’s leaving the book on your bed and somehow sleeping on it. That actually happened one night.

    While I enjoy Goodreads, the Savvy Reader 50 Book pledge has shelves to customize and colour code, badges for various reading milestones, and allows for audiobooks as well.

  2. #9 is so true! Every # is but I haven’t seen #9 on anyone else’s list before. I always find them when I make the bed the next day but where DO they go? LOL

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