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Never has a debut novel exceeded my expectations so much as Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare.  Don’t get me wrong, I had very high hopes for this book. Like, sky-high. But it’s almost as if Kerry herself read my mind and thought “Ha!  You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Sarah Lundy has been running a blog for fifteen years under the pseudonym “Mitzi Bytes.”  She has never told anyone about Mitzi – not her best friends, her husband, or even her mother.  Mitzi allowed her to write about her life in a way that protected her identity, and those of her friends and family.  Or so she thought.

“The Internet is the last place you want to keep secrets… at least if you want them to stay that way.”

Sarah starts to panic when she opens her inbox to find a message from someone named Jane Q.  It says “Time’s up… you’re officially found out.”  Panicking and with no one to turn to, Sarah casually responds to these emails, hoping to buy time and think of a solution.  Soon the whole world finds out that Sarah is Mitzi – her family, friends, enemies – and they are less than happy with the way they’ve been portrayed.

I fell quickly and deeply in love with Sarah.  She is honest, hilarious, and most of all, human.  Rarely does a character seem 100% believable, but Sarah could very well be me in ten years. Kerry Clare offers a genuine look into what being a mother really entails, and this book was an excellent reminder to thank my own mother for all that she’s done for me.

“For too long, women haven’t been permitted to own their lives.  We have been somebody’s daughter, mother, wife, but so rarely a person in her own right, a person with a voice, with a story to tell.”


We need more tough, unapologetically feminist women in the world. Sarah is not perfect, not even shooting for perfection, and yet I couldn’t help but mentally high-five her and pump my fist in the air at almost everything she says. So many of her thoughts and experiences echo my own, and I am so, so thankful that she exists… even if only in these pages.

Kerry Clare’s Twitter and Instagram are probably my most frequently “liked” and “retweeted” accounts.  She is a social activist, a feminist, a real-life blogger, an editor, a teacher, an author, and so many other wonderful things (and she makes a mean pumpkin cake).  Every time she posts a tweet or a picture, I want to reply with:


How did you feel about Mitzi Bytes?  Did you anticipate Jane Q’s true identity?  Did you immediately follow Kerry Clare on all social media platforms and obsess over her pure genius?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

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