10 Bookish Things to Do If You Win the Lottery

What if? It’ll kill you, but sometimes it’s good to dream.

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We wondered what life would be like for a bookworm who won the lottery*, so we made a list! Here are the top ten things we would do!

  1. Buy books! Buy ALL the books! Just imagine! Every book you ever thought about purchasing could be yours in an instant. Not to mention all those fabulously beautiful editions you’ve thought about buying and never have because you already own one copy, and can’t justify spending $50 on a pretty copy of Pride and Prejudice (this happens to me so much!). Or think of the first editions you could buy!! I would die for a first edition Jane Eyre, HBY?

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  1. Now once you’ve purchased all the books your heart could possibly desire, you’re going to need somewhere to put them! So the next thing you should do is build yourself the most beautiful library. Take inspiration from that stunner in Beauty and the Beast! Gah, so beautiful!



  1. Even though you now have your dream library, sometimes a girl needs a change of scenery! My bucket travel list, has been carefully crafted from all the things I’ve read over the years. Books have taken me to a ton of faraway places, so if I won the lottery, I’d scope those places out for myself and bring along the book that made me fall in love with it in the first place, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Expand your career! Maybe you could open a fabulous bookstore where there’s great coffee and comfy armchairs, or maybe you’ve been dreaming of creating your own books! Think about it, endless amounts of time to write your own book, or if you’re not a writer, you could even try to start your very own publishing business!



  1. Reading and enjoying books requires the perfect space (and the right angle too!). With my winnings, I would create the most perfect reading nook with the comfiest padding and back support. And it would be cute. I mean soo cute.



  1. I couldn’t possible keep all that money to myself, so when I’m out buying all these books, I’d buy a copy or two for my friends (so that we can gust about how great they are). So, sorry everyone, but if I win the lottery all your presents will officially be books from then on.

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  1. Also along the sharing the wealth train of thought, it’s all about the donations! I would be giving books to good causes, libraries, schools, random strangers on the street.. because everyone needs more books! The world would be a wonderful place if we just read all the time and were nice to each other!

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  1. And because we don’t want to be completely irresponsible, make sure you put a very large chunk of winnings away for a rainy day (so you can buy more books on that rainy day of course).

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  1. If we expand our travel options, there are so many book-related adventures to have! Did you know you can visit The Shire in New Zealand and do a Lord of the Rings tour? How about a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or the Making of Harry Potter in London? (Sign me up right now please!). Or maybe you’d like to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Visit the houses of Charles Dickens and Virginia Wolfe? There are so many literary tours around the world, and I sure would LOVE to experience them all!

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  1. Lastly, winning the lottery gives you a ton of freedom for choice. Though I’m planning on a career I don’t want time away from, potentially winning the lottery could give me endless amounts of time in which to read, and finally get that ‘to be read’ list down to a sizable amount. And, I mean, reading all the time is not a bad way to live life.

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What do you think, readers? We hope you enjoyed our list of wishful thinking! Tell us what bookish thing you would do if you won the lottery or which one of ours was your favourite in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

Happy Reading!


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*P.S. Save your money for a new book – not a lottery ticket!

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