Top 10 Reading Companions

Sometimes you need a little company when you’re reading, we totally get that! To give you a little more comfort or to give you a little more happiness, these are our top ten reading companions!

…Now brace yourself for cuteness overload! (We needed an excuse to look at cute pictures of animals so our list involves our furry little friends from the Savvy Reader team).

  1. Meet the model Theo! He’s so photogenic and the amazingly cute reading companion of one of our fabulous publicists, Sabrina.

Sabrina - Theo


  1. Our publicity department is just full of cuteness! Irina shared this shot of Bear and River with their friend (they really love reading after a long day of playing!).

Irina - Bear, River and friend.PNG


  1. Our Library and Academic Sales Director, Rosalyn has two fluffy friends to watch over her personal library. Delaney and Hope are never far away from the precious books! They’re probably very well read..

Rosalyn - Delaney.jpg


  1. The Gifts and Special Markets Intern, Zoey, plays host to George, who would like to be painted like one of Leo’s French girls..

Zoey - George.png


  1. Our all mighty Office Administrator Danielle can unwind at the end of the day with this little fellow named Archie. He seems so peaceful and snuggly!

Danielle - Archie


  1. The Marketing and Publicity Intern Kelly takes full advantage of Daisy’s company. And Daisy’s obviously the perfect reading companion for Gatsby!

Kelly- Daisy.jpg


  1. It’s not all cats and dogs guys, this little fellow is an unusual reading buddy but he’s cute and friendly nonetheless! Ricky the rat belongs to our Production and Editorial Intern, Julia.

Julia - Ricky.PNG


  1. This majestic pair, Hux and Winnie, watch over Cory, the Marketing Director’s, books while he’s in the office. Looks like they really know their way around great prose.

Cory  - Hux & Winnie.jpg


  1. Rue is ready to read! She’s always poking her cute nose into Kaiti, our Digital Marketing Specialist’s, books.

Kaiti - Rue.JPG


  1. From another two of our lovely publicists, Mike and Lauren: Bruno the lab and Sharon the cat. Bruno looks like an all-star reading buddy! And poor Sharon looks like she just finished one of our psychological thrillers and could use Bruno’s company.


We’re swimming in cuteness here at the Savvy Reader and we love it! Animals really are the best reading companions, don’t you think?

Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader (yes, you’re allowed to say ‘all’!), or share your own reading buddy with us! We love the cuteness.

Happy reading (and snuggling)!


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reading Companions

  1. My favourite is definitely Ricky the rat. He is cute and he diversifies the list. I am pretty biased though <3

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