If You Liked One Day, Then Try…


Hey Savvy Readers!

Keeping up on your 50 Book Pledge? If you’re not sure what to read next here are a couple options for you.

There was a movie a while back called One Day starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, but did you know it was a book first? One Day by David Nicholls is the heartwarming story of two people who meet and are separated by time but meet on July 15th every year and snapshots of their lives are revealed. Ultimately it is an emotionally charged, and beautiful love story, which is why we’re pairing it with this new (and might I say GORGEOUS) novel from Kate Eberlen. Miss You is the story of two teens who meet in Florence and whose paths cross again many times over in the next sixteen years. This book will make you believe in serendipity and love. It’s romantic and heartbreaking. But ultimately, like One Day, it will leave you believing in true love. Some showers, some sunshine, Miss You is the perfect novel to pave the way into spring.

Happy Reading!


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