50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Miss You

The long weekend is almost here, and I’ve got the perfect read for you!

Miss You by Kate Eberlen is a book of almosts and should-haves.  It’s so full of tragedy and heartbreak and loss, and at times it was downright stressful, but I am so in love with Tess and Gus that I feel nothing but happiness after reading it.  This is an absolute gem and I can’t wait for you to read it.


Tess is in Florence on vacation before she’s set to leave for university.  She and her best friend Doll spend their days shopping, seeing the sights, and eating gelato.  Her life changes forever the second she returns home.  Gus and his family are also exploring Florence, still reeling from tragedy that tore their lives apart.  Headed for medical school in the fall, Gus tries to busy himself enough that his mind won’t wander.

The two meet by chance multiple times over the next sixteen years without knowing it.  Whether they pass on the street, attend the same event, or even stand in the same church, neither recognizes the other.  As you can imagine, this was excruciatingly frustrating as a reader… but I loved every second of my frustration.  They would get SO CLOSE to meeting and my hopes would skyrocket, but then one of them would leave the restaurant or stop to check their phone and my dreams were shattered.  Shattered, I say!


“Is he with someone here?  Or alone?  Escaping some traumatic event?  His eyes are blue, but they’re kind of gold as well, flickering between fun and anxiety.”

If you liked One Day by David Nicholls, you’ll fall head over heels for Miss You by Kate Eberlen.  Tess and Gus evolve and fluctuate so much during the years of this novel.  I desperately want to be friends with both of them IRL.  Their struggles and their wins were so genuine.  So many times in the measly 2 days it took me to read this book, I was crushed by their sadness.  Just when I thought I needed to take a break, something amazing would happen to one of them and it would fill me with hope and I’d keep on reading.  I found myself wishing that my train rides were longer so that I could read uninterrupted.  I have a list of ten or so favourite books that I try to reread every year, and this one just made the list.

What did you think of Miss You by Kate Eberlen?  Was it an emotional rollercoaster for you, too?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

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