Bookish Easter Decorations

Happy upcoming long weekend! And Easter if you celebrate!

I love Easter for the mini eggs, and pastels are always cute. So if you’re doing a little holiday decorating (or, um, bookstagramming) and you need a little inspiration, we pulled some ideas together here for you. Some are super easy and some require little craftiness but all are Easter and book themed, because we can’t seem to leave our books behind!


pastel books.jpg

Let’s start out simple! Organize your bookshelf. Sometimes around the holidays, I pull out all my books and colour coordinate them by spine. For the ones that don’t fit the theme, I simply turn them around (pages out, instead of spine). It kind of hurts to see them backwards, but it’s only temporary!

If you have any very old books lying around, you can harvest their pages for the next couple of crafts. Or if you are unable to cut up your books, head to your local thrift store and buy a bunch of old beauties…

bunny banner.jpg

Try making a cute bunny banner. Cut out pictures of bunnies from the book pages. Either all the same or different (there are a million stencils you can find online). After glue cotton balls to them for the cute fluffy tail. Hole punch and thread with twine, or pastel coloured string if you have any, et voila! Charming book bunnies!


wrapped eggs picture.jpg

Next try taking those plastic hollow eggs you can get from the dollar store and making them even better by taking liquid glue and water (making a light glue/paper mache type combo) and using strips of your book pages to wrap around the egg until it’s completely covered. Make a whole basket full and wrap some twine around a few of them in a bow for an extra touch.


Beatrix Potter display.jpg

Back to more simple things you can do: bust out the Beatrix Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or any bunny/duck books you have, and make a cute display! Put them in a basket, a bucket, or just on a table. Add carrots, a bowl of chocolates or your new bunny banner and you’re good to go.


bunny book ends.jpg

Also make use of what you have. If you have funky bunny book ends like these guys, display them!



If you’re making festive Easter cupcakes to bring to your shindig, add a bookish twist by mounting scrabble pieces onto tooth picks (hot glue is probably best). Spell out Happy Easter with your pieces and add one letter to each cupcake. So cute!


folded book art.jpg

Lastly, for a super ambitious project, are these folded book pages. You can find out how to make a heart shape here. They’re amazing! It takes time and effort, but the end result is a perfect thing you can keep forever. You can keep it Easter themed or you can do something that works year-round like your name!

And there you have it! These are our top bookish Easter decorations. Soon your life will be filled with festivity and chocolate, and books of course!

We hope you enjoyed our list. Tell us what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

Happy long weekend! Lots of time to read!


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