50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Best of Adam Sharp

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Did you read The Rosie Project and The Rose Effect way back when? Well the author Graeme Simsion is out with another novel: The Best of Adam Sharp.

Trust me, this brightly covered novel will look fantastic in your collection. It was a delightful read and really made me challenge my idea of a good relationship.

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Adam Sharp receives an email from his old flame back in the land down under. In his twenties, he met a beautiful actress, named Angelina, while playing the piano in a bar. Side note—this book is full of music, which is one of the great things about it! There’s a whole playlist at the end of the novel that Mr. Simsion recommends you listen to while reading. Such a nice touch! The novel does a stellar job of really conveying Adam’s deep passion for music.


Back on track, we get flashbacks of Adam and Angelina’s time together, and what they’re relationship was like. Then the novel jumps into present day and Adam is with Claire, a like-minded, well-adjusted, and pragmatic person. They don’t fight, they get along well, and their time together is un-tumultuous. I kept getting caught up in what would happen next—I just couldn’t put the book down! And I really, really, enjoyed their relationship. It’s kind of the ideal partnership, but it was missing something. And that something, Adam figured out, came in the form of Angelina.

This novel expresses Adam’s desires and soul-searching and really shows the merits of both relationships he has in the novel, and I felt like it ended on such a mature and responsible note.


Also on the same lines as the music, the characters in this book are in France for a large portion of the novel and there’s a strong emphasis on the food and wine (… it made me SO hungry). And the music, ugh. Everything just felt so realistic with those details. So bravo Mr. Simsion! It’s in the little things. Oh, and warning: this book will have you questioning and wondering about your own relationships, so.. yeah.

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