50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Dragon Teeth

When Michael Crichton’s wife, Sherri, came across the manuscript for Dragon Teeth among her late husband’s archives, she knew she had discovered something extraordinary. In her own words, the pages contained ‘Michael’s voice, his love of history, research, and science, all dynamically woven into an epic tale.’”— Jonathan Turnham, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Harper

Calling all Michael Crichton lovers! Dragon Teeth is a new—yes, new!—novel from the beloved bestselling author of Jurassic Park. And there’s no question that it is an original work by the Crichton himself.


Enter a thrilling historical adventure novel set in the Wild West during the 1880s, based on two real-life famous paleontologist rivals: Othniel Charles Marsh and Edwin Drinker Cope.

When William Johnson, a wealthy 18-year old college student, is dared by his arch-rival to spend his summer out west digging up fossils, he determinedly joins world-renowned paleontologist, Othniel Charles Marsh. Not too far into their journey, Marsh abandons William in fear that he is spying on him for his fierce rival, Edwin Drinker Cope. William is essentially forced to join Cope from there on out, having been left behind by Marsh.

Once they arrive out west and discover wondrous fossils, William and Cope realize they have a rather urgent problem: how they are going to get the fossils home safely. Quickly, the novel changes pace as William finds himself in a life versus death journey home, encountering hostile people, dangerous towns, and violent robbers and swindlers.


William is a fascinating and fun character to follow through this adventure. He changes, grows, and matures throughout the course of the novel. This historical fiction tale—based on true historical facts—is not only about the rivalry between two key paleontologists in the hunt for dinosaur bones during the Bone Wars, but also about an inspiring hero that only Crichton could have imagined.

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Dragon Teeth is this week’s 50 Book Pledge featured read! Add it to your TBR shelf today.

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