Our Favourite May Bookstagrams

Spring is here and summer is on it’s way, and this is quite (beautifully) visible in all of these lovely bookstagram shots from May!


When a book with the word *lovely* in it, is just so lovely. Get a copy of My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward!


“Reading this is like texting with your best friend.” Get a copy of This Is Just My Face!


LOVE this view for reading! Get a copy of The Baker’s Secret!


Did you hear about the new Michael Crichton book???? Get a copy of Dragon Teeth!



A book for all the multipotentialites out there. Get a copy of How to Be Everything!


Agatha Christie-meets-Clueless. Accurate. Get a copy of Party Girls Die in Pearls! 

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It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Fridayyyyyy...especially when it's the Friday of a long weekend!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I've had an emotionally-charged few days and I'm seriously looking forward to some R&R, along with finishing PARTY GIRLS DIE IN PEARLS. 😵🍾 The book was pitched as Agatha Christie-meets-Clueless and I'm delighted to report that it's entirely accurate. (Can you believe it?! Best combo ever!!) The writing is so charming and fun, I don't want it to end! Or actually, I do, because then I'll get to paint my nails. 😉💅🏼 . And in case you're wondering, yes, I had the BEST time setting up this photo. It's not often that I get to wear my cheetah shrug with a sequin mini dress and neon fingerless gloves. The 80s rule!! Haha! . . What are you reading this weekend? I hope you picked some good ones!! 📚 . . The back jacket: It's 1985, and at Oxford University, Pimm's, punting, and ball gowns are de rigueur. Ursula Flowerbutton, a studious country girl, arrives for her first term anticipating nothing more sinister than days spent pouring over history books in gilded libraries — and, if she's lucky, and invitation to a ball. . But when she discovers a glamorous classmate on a chaise lounge with her throat cut, Ursula is catapulted into a murder investigation. . Determined to bag her first scoop for the famous student newspaper Cherwell, Ursula enlists the help of trendsetting American exchange student Nancy Feingold, to unravel the case. While navigating a whirl of black-tie parties and secret dining societies, the girls discover a surfeit of suspects. From brokenhearted boyfriends to snobby Sloan Rangers, lovelorn librarians to dishy dons, none can be presumed innocent— and Ursula's investigations mean that she may be next on the murderer's list. . #partygirlsdieinpearls #plumsykes #50bookpledge #weekendread #amreading #currentread #mystery #harperbooks #bookmail #chaptersindigo #indigofaves

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Coffee and books are EVERYday necessities. Get a copy of Since We Fell!


Look at that cake!!!! Get a copy of Ginny Moon!



Julie Murphy has a new book! Julie Murphy has a new book! Get a copy of Ramona Blue!


Summer reading recs from HarperCollins Canada!


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Happy Bookstagramming!


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