12 Quirky Reading Habits

Hello Savvy Readers!

Over many years of reading, I’m sure you’ve developed some pretty quirky reading habits. We don’t think much about them until someone points them out. I know I’m definitely a culprit of a few of these…

Taking Dust Jackets Off


Oh, dust jackets! Avid readers love and hate dust jackets at the same time. It doesn’t matter how pretty the cover is, the jacket will come off to prevent it from slipping or tearing… and you know nothing breaks our hearts more than damaging one of our beloved books.

Reading the Last Page on the Book First


Sometimes you just want to know how the book ends before you begin. I definitely do this and, although this quirk may seem like a horrible act of treason to some, it is an effective way of learning about the story quickly. Is it a happy ending? Is it sad? Does the main character and the love interest end up together? These are important and juicy details that one must know, okay!?!

Reading Multiple Books at Once


An avid reader usually has a few books on the go, but the average person reads one book at a time. Reading multiple might seem confusing, but it allows the reader to have a book to read no matter how they are feeling that day. It’s a win-win.

Moving Lips While Reading


Most people who do this don’t realize it, but some readers move their lips when reading. I think it is a cute and quirky habit, but I also believe it is a way for the reader to keep track of where they are. Next time you are in a library, see if you notice anyone moving their lips while reading.

Starting Books but Not Finishing Them


If you lose interest in a book, do you continue reading anyway or do you stop right away? Some readers, like me, will stop reading if the book gets boring. I rarely pick it up again, however if a friend recommends me to continues, sometimes I will. What do you do?

Tracing Sentence with Finger


You won’t see this often, but some people read a book while tracing each sentence with their finger. It allows them to keep track of where they are in the story. If you find yourself losing track of your place in a book, try keep track with your finger. It might just help you on that daily commute or while working out.

Smelling Books

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The smell of books can always put me in a good mood. It isn’t a scent for everyone, but the smell of books can have a very calming effect on most bookworms.

Reading a Random Page from a Book


When trying to pick a book, sometimes I flip to a random page and start reading. If the story grabs me and I want to continue then I will buy the book. Like reading the last page of a book, it is an effective way of figuring out if you will like the story.

Skipping Paragraphs or Characters Names You Can’t Pronounce


There are times when reading a novel that things get repetitive. Or there are times when a character’s name is too complicated. It is times like these that certain readers just skip over those paragraphs or names. It saves them time from trying to figure out how to pronounce that name, and it allows them to get to the juicy details of the book faster.

Breaking the Spine of Book


Although this may sound like an unimaginable crime to some, many people will bend and break the spine of a book before reading it, especially with paperbacks. I have been known to do this, but breaking the spine can help to hold the book open instead of it flipping closed. Most readers hate when a book gets destroyed but I think breaking the spine is one exception to that rule.

Dog-Earing Pages


Speaking of unimaginable crimes, dog-earing pages. I can’t even image doing this, but many people disregard the need for a bookmark and dog-ear their pages. The monsters!

Buying Different Editions of the Same Book


When you love a book, you can’t just have one copy of that book, you must have several editions. It becomes an obsession. Every time you find a new cover, you feel like a kid in a candy store. Nothing is better than finding a great novel with a new pretty cover and design. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to add it to your collection?

What are some of your quirky reading habits? Do you have any that are on the list? Let us know in the comments down below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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You do you, Savvy Readers. Happy quirky reading!


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7 thoughts on “12 Quirky Reading Habits

  1. I’ll get excited by a book and forget that I have it. Then I’ll see it on sale and forget that I have it and buy it again. Getting home I’ll shelve it and ….damn I now have 3 copies of this book now.
    Or I have at least 4 full sets of the Harry Potter series, all with different covers, some still in the plastic shrink wrap. No one and I mean no one is allowed to read those.

  2. Haha the best day of my life was when my son walked into the library, took a great big whiff and said, “Mmmmmm it smells like books in here!” We are definitely book sniffers. My “weird” book habit that my husband always makes fun of is that I will use literally anything as a bookmark despite having a multitude of very nice bookmarks. Receipts, knitting needles, a sock… really whatever is lying around.

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