How To Get Out of a Book Rut

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When life gets busy, sometimes we fall into a book rut. Or, when life isn’t busy but nothing is sparking our interest, we fall into a book rut. A book rut is caused from not having enough time to read, no motivation to read, or not being able to find a captivating read. If you want to break out of your book rut, we have a few quick tips…

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Reread an Old Favourite

Chances are you have tried to read a few books recently and nothing has thrilled you. So, pick up an older book you love. It will revive your reading soul and allow you to fall in love with reading all over again.

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Read a Book Getting a Lot of Buzz

Popular or bestselling books get attention because they are interesting and usually fast-paced! If all the books you have picked up recently have been boring, try picking up a bestseller. You might just discover an author you love or a series you want to continue.

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Read Something Fun and Short

Reading a short, fun, and light book could be just what you need to get back into your reading groove. Pick something from the humour or romance section of the bookstore. The key is to find a novel that is shorter in length and has a cute entertaining element to it. YA contemporary stories are great for this (tweet at @HCCFrenzy for suggestions!!)

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Choose a Book from a Genre you Love

Search your favourite section in the bookstore until something jumps out at you. If none of the titles grab you, then ask someone that works there for a recommendation. They could literally hand you your new favourite book.


Read with a Friend (for motivation)

Create a little friendly competition with a friend. You can motivate each other to read more AND you can go shopping for new books together. Your friend can also hold you accountable for reading a certain amount of a book even if you aren’t in the mood. Like a mini book club, but better because it’s just you and your BFF.

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Set Attainable Reading Goals

Reading a chapter a day, reading for an hour every day, or reading on the commute into work. These are a few ways that you can slowly get back into the groove of reading.  Giving yourself reading goals can give you a sense of accomplishment once you have finished the book or even surpassed your goals for the day.

What are some ways you get out of a book rut? Let us know in the comments down below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Out of a Book Rut

  1. My book reading friend sent me this article. I suppose I’m in a rut, but I’m happy with that. I read every single day. If I leave the house (not a frequent activity), I have all my books close by with the Nook app on my phone. Several times my friend who lives in another state, and I read a book together. We aren’t always on the same page, but at least in the same area of the book. We exchange questions and observations on the book. We also recommend different authors to each other. Sometimes the new author clicks, sometimes not. But, I thoroughly enjoy our reading in unison. She definitely helps me see points and understand various actions in a book I might have missed otherwise. I recommend reading with a friend in this fashion.

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