50 Book Pledge Featured Read: House of Spies

Fans of Gabriel Allon, rejoice! Daniel Silva is back with the SEVENTEENth (!!!) book in the Gabriel Allon series… and we just can’t get enough.

The Black Widow was a New York Times bestseller—and one of the biggest novels of 2016. In House of Spies, Gabriel Allon is back, now in the position of Chief of the Office in Israel, and he’s out for revenge. He’s determined to hunt down the world’s most dangerous terrorist: a shadowy ISIS mastermind, Saladin.


Let me tell you readers—Daniel Silva has not lost his touch. And he’s 17 books in! You can read this book as a standalone if you’ve never read anything in the Gabriel Allon series (but we definitely encourage reading all of them..).

House of Spies takes Gabriel all over the world (and back). He puts his life in danger in attempt to personally track down—and take down—terrorist leader, Saladin, after a deadly attack has been made on American homeland, the deadliest since 9/11. The one loose thread in the intense and secretive plotting of this attack leads Gabriel and his team to the south of France, to the doorstop of Jean-Luc Martel and Olivia Watson, who have the answers to some very important questions… One’s they’ve been turning a blind eye to.

It always blows my mind how up-to-date Silva is with the current happenings of the world, and how he brings very lifelike events to (fictional) reality. Gabriel Allon is one of our most favourite mystery/thriller heroes. His political intelligence, historical insights, and all that action keeps us on our toes and flipping the pages (yes—all at the same time). This one will leave you breathless. Hey, we warned you!

And ICYMI… we’re SO excited that the adaptation rights to the series have been acquired! And what’s more: Daniel Silva and his wife are set to be the executive producers! How about that. Read more on this here!

But seriously, how are we already SEVENTEEN novels in!? Time flies when you’re having fun, right, Mr. Silva?

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