Fall Nonfiction Preview 2017!

Savvy Readers, we have an amazing fall lineup this year, and this is just the beginning! Below are ten nonfiction titles that we’re REALLY excited about and we can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on them! In fact, read to the bottom to find out how you actually can get these #FallNonfictionReads (for free!).

And psst — stay tuned for our Fall Fiction Preview, too!


On Sale: September 5th

The Ghost Orchard by Helen Humphreys

Helen Humphreys, the award-winning author of The Evening Chorus and The Frozen Thames, has written about her fascinating journey into the secret history of an iconic food: apples. How did the apple first come across the Atlanic Ocean? What is the real story behind the famed “Johnny Appleseed”? How were apples woven into the life and poetry of Robert Frost? Get all the apple answers to these questions and so much more in The Ghost Orchard by Helen Humphreys!



On Sale: September 5th

Friendsgiving by Alexandra Shytsman

A typical holiday celebration means getting together with good friends. Now, with the help of expert Alexandra Shytsman, you can throw a stress-free, festive holiday get-together for your special family of friends. Filled with inspired menus, delicious and simple recipes, lists and more, this year’s Friendsgiving is going to be your best yet.



On Sale: September 21st

Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirit by Boris Starling with foreword by Prince Harry

The Invictus Games change lives and save lives. Created and spearheaded by Prince Harry, the games are for the current and former servicemen and women who have been wounded, injured or sick. Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirit represents the spirit of the Games and includes stories from athletes that will inspire you and give you the courage and determination to succeed in whatever you do. The Invictus Games are coming to Toronto September 23rd-30th!



On Sale: October 3rd

Something Is Always On Fire by Measha Brueggergosman

Canadian Opera sensation Measha Brueggergosman has won Juno Awards, been nominated for a Grammy, sung to a telecast of over 3 billion viewers at the opening of the 2010 Olympic Games, and soloed in the great concert halls of Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe. But her success has been matched by personal hardship. In her searingly honest and insightful memoir, Brueggergosman shares her experiences.



On Sale: October 10th

Reckless Daughter by David Yaffe

Joni Mitchell is a cultural touchstone for generations of Canadians. In this intimate biography composed of dozens of in-person interviews with Mitchell, David Yaffe uncovers her life. Delving into the backstory behind her famous lyrics, her pre-vaccine bout with polio at age nine, her early marriage, and the child she gave up for adoption, it becomes so clear why Mitchell enthralled her listeners, lovers, and friends.




On Sale: October 10th

WTF? What’s The Future and Why It’s Up To Us by Tim O’Reilly

Silicon Valley’s leading intellectual Tim O’Reilly explores the upside and potential downsides of our future—the “next economy.” In WTF, he discusses how in the future, an increasing number of jobs can be performed by intelligent machines. He talks about what could happen to our consumer brand societies and income inequality, the future of education and on-demand learning. The digital revolution has already restructured the media world, but now it’s restructuring businesses, jobs, and just about every sector of society.



On Sale: October 17th

Killer by Doug Gilmour with Dan Robson

They called him Killer. Few players matched Doug Gilmour‘s killer instincts in the faceoff circle or in front of the net. The Hockey Hall of Famer from Kingston, Ontario played for seven teams throughout his twenty-year career, netting tons of goals and assists which make him one of the highest-scoring centres of all time. In Killer, Doug Gilmour bares all about his on- and off-the-ice exploits and escapades.



On Sale: October 17th

Canadianity by Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens

From the hugely successful podcast Canadianity, Jeremy Taggart (the drummer from Our Lady Peace) and Jonathan Torrens (a veteran talk-show host for Jonovision) share a collection of relatable everyday anecdotes wrapped up in a nostalgic fondness for Canada. Head on a cross-country journey (that is often provocative and always hilarious) infused with beer, pop culture, and irreverence.



On Sale: October 24th

Calling the Shots by Kelly Hrudey with Kirstie McLellan Day

Kelly Hrudey has had the best front row seat to hockey history than anyone else we can think of. He’s played in the NHL, was in the Canada Cup lineup, and joined Wayne Gretzky and Marty McSorley on a team that took LA by storm. Now, Hrudey is a well-respected hockey analyst and broadcaster. His memoir is a lively and thoughtful one with behind-the-scenes stories, humour, and tons of insight.



On Sale: October 24th

How To Cake It by Yolanda Gampp

From Yolanda Gampp, host of the insanely popular, award-winning YouTube sensation “How To Cake It” comes an inspiring “cakebook” with irresistible recipes and visual instructions for creating spectacular novelty cakes like she does—but for all skill levels. The jaw-dropping cakes include unique and perfect creations like the Candy Apple Cake, Party Hat, Rainbow Grilled Cheese Cake, and so much more.


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12 thoughts on “Fall Nonfiction Preview 2017!

  1. If I had to choose just one it would be Canadianity. There’s something about being fiercely proud of being Canadian during Canada 150 that beings out the need to read anything about our fabulous country.

  2. A fabulous collection of some of our best and brightest! An autumnal feast I can’t wait!

  3. Would love to read most of these – love Canadian authors, love Canadian books – love BOOKS

  4. Hard to decide which book I am most looking forward to reading. That is the trouble with us book-lovers, too many books, too little time. I would start with Reckless Daughter because I love Joni Mitchell’s music. Then move on to Canadianity. It looks hilarious. Then see what moves me after that.

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