Things All Book Lovers Need

Savvy Readers, do you have any go-to items that you use while reading? Or gifts that people have bought you just because you’re a book lover? Well, if you don’t have the following items, add them to your list of things you need to get! As book lovers, these are our some of our favourite items..


The LiliLite Book Lamp/Shelf/Mark

If this isn’t the most useful bookish tool you’ve ever heard of, I can’t wait to hear what is. The LiliLite acts not only as a book lamp (that sensors on and off when you’re reading), but it’s also a modern-looking shelf, AND a bookmark. How about that?! Find out more about the LiliLite here.

The “Go Away I’m Reading” Coffee Mug


It’s hard to be polite when you’re just trying to get in one more chapter, right? This mug says it all for you, and you get to sip your coffee while getting the message across. You can buy this mug here!

Thumb Thing Book Page Holders

Don’t you hate it when you put down your book to do something and you lose your page? Worry not, Savvy Readers. It’s 2017 and the solution is here: Thumb Thing page holders! Keep the pages in your book held wide open for easier reading, to save your space, and to help you read with one hand while standing (like on the subway), sitting, or lying down. What a useful tool. Get it here!

A Subscription to a Bookish Podcast!

When you’re not reading, what are you doing? If you need something to keep you company when you’re on the move or doing chores, look no further than this Book Riot list of 25 Outstanding Podcasts for Readers, and subscribe to the one that sounds most enticing to you!

Literary Tea


If you’re into tea (and books), the First Edition Tea Co (a Canadian company that uses local ingredients!) is where you can pick up delicious tea inspired by great books! Whether you’re in the mood for a little Pride and Prejudice or Sherlock Holmes, there’s a tea for you! Or you can buy the whole pack. View them all here!

Noise Cancelling Headphones


If you’re one of those people who can read with music (or white noise) playing in the background, but can’t stand loud cafes (or if you just have a really annoying sibling), get yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to ensure you stay tuned in to your book. Click here to check them out!

A Booklight


Are you even a true book lover if you don’t own a book light? Clip this handy little light onto your book and adjust it for perfect book lighting! Whether you’re in the dark or just a poorly lit room, lighting will never get in the way of your reading again. Check it out here!

Literary Clothing from Out of Print

Want to rep your favourite book on your shirt, socks, jewelry or otherwise? Out of Print has it all! Featuring bestselling classics like Goodnight Moon, How to Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and more, check out everything they have to offer here.

This Books & Alone Tote Bag


Why not carry around your books in a tote bag that describes who you really are? If you’re more of a “books & alone” than a “Netflix & chill” kind of person, wear it proud. You can get this *perfect* bag here!

Book-Themed Candles


What’s better than cozying up with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a bookish candle in the fall? Not a lot! Candles like these Harry Potter themed ones will definitely help set the mood for an afternoon of reading. Get them here!

Bookish Art


The theme of this post has basically been to show everyone that you’re a book lover, so if you don’t have bookish prints displayed in your house, get on it! Click here to purchase this bookish art print.

A 50 Book Pledge Account!


If the one thing every book lover needs to do in 2017 is sign up for the 50 Book Pledge, then an account here is definitely something all book lovers need! Keep track of your reading, enter contests, earn badges for the books you read and more. Sign up here!

What’s your favourite bookish item, Savvy Readers? Do you have go-to products that make your reading more pleasurable or easier? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Happy Reading (and bookish shopping!)


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