Perfect Pairings: Scary Movies & Books

Happy Halloween, Savvy Readers!

If tonight’s not the perfect night to watch a scary movie and follow it up with an equally scary book, I’m not sure what night is! If you’ve already seen these movies or you’re just in the mood for a good horror/thriller book, this list is for you!

Gone + The Second Sister

If you enjoyed the movie Gone, then I would suggest The Second Sister by Claire Kendal. Both feature cases of a sister gone missing and will capture your attention within minutes!

Unfriended + CopyCat

If you enjoyed the movie Unfriended, then I would suggest Copycat by Alex Lake. Take a look into the dark side of Facebook in both of these masterpieces…

Prisoners + The Child Finder

If you enjoyed the movie Prisoners, I suggest checking out The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld. They both deal with child abduction cases, and will keep you crossing your fingers for a happy ending the whole way through.

Orphan + Give Me the Child

If you enjoyed the movie Orphan, then I would suggest Give Me the Child by Mel McGrath. Both feature children appearing at someone’s doorstep (!!), and these children bring along a few secrets with them, too.

American Horror Story + Strange Weather

Technically American Horror Story is a television show, but I couldn’t do a horror list and not include it! If you love it, I recommend picking up Strange Weather by Joe Hill, a collection of four short horror stories.

IT + N0S4A2

Fans of the movie IT (the original & the remake) will love N0S34A2 by Joe Hill. Both feature storylines about children and what they grow up to be. Also, fun fact: Joe references Pennywise in NOS4A2!

Flightplan + Keep Her Safe

If you enjoyed Flightplan, I recommend reading Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah. These thriller-esque productions feature characters who are missing, and main characters that no one believes or trusts.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter + The House of Furies

If you enjoyed the movie The Blackcoat’s Daughter (or if you like any horror movies set in boarding schools), I recommend picking up House of Furies by Madeleine Roux. Both feature creepy boarding schools that go bump in the night…..

Grace + This Darkness Mine

For fans of twisted horror like the movie Grace, I’d recommend This Darkness Mine  by Mindy McGinnis! both share stories about things not going being quite right…… specifically post-childbirth.

Murder on the Orient Express

This ones a little cheeky, I admit, but if you loved the book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, then I highly recommend going to see the new movie adaption being released November 10, 2017! We’re so excited!

What is your all time favourite horror movie (or book)?! Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!


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