Bookish Pet Peeves

Bookish pet peeves… These seem to be a pretty universal thing among book lovers! Ask anyone who reads or collects books and you’re bound to find some common ground with things that have annoyed you on your bookish journey!


I’ve complied a list of a few that I’ve personally been victimized by. Come on guys, I know I’m not alone in this…!


Someone interrupting your reading

This has got to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! And we’ve all been there, right? When you’re trying to enjoy your current read and someone chooses that exact moment to vent about their life to you (as if it’s more important than the book you’re reading..), or even worse—to ask what you’re reading.



Mid-Series cover change

This one may be slightly shallow… but come on! We all love a pretty cover (not sure what they were thinking when they said “don’t judge a book by its cover”), and I’m personally a big sucker for them, but nothing—and I mean NOTHING—frustrates me more then my series not matching! I understand why it might need to be done, but no explanation can truly fix my broken heart.


not fair

Books in a series that are different sizes

You know when you have the first two books in your series sitting pretty on your shelf, and then you buy book three (and you just want to run home and read it)… But when you place it in its rightful spot on your shelf, next to the first two, you realize the HEIGHT is not the same!!! This is one of the most frustrating things and I’ll don’t think I’ll ever understand why it happens.



Stickers on book covers

Those pesky stickers on books… My biggest nemesis! Nothing is more frustrating than walking into the bookstore and seeing a big fat sticker slapped on the cover of a book. I swear I have the worst luck when it comes to these, to the point that I’ve (accidentally!) ruined a book’s cover attempting to remove them!



When someone returns your book with a cracked spine

The nerve of some people, seriously. To borrow a book in pristine condition, and have the audacity to return it with the spine destroyed or the pages turned! This has personally happened to me in the past, and I’m still not over it.



Running out of book space

I’m currently dealing with this issue at the moment! Too many books, not enough space. I honestly need a library in my house for all the books I’ve collected over the years, and still continue to collect… No self control here! I’m sure many of you have played the Tetris game with your bookshelf to try and make room for that one new book you just purchased.


Reading slumps

Reading slumps are the worst! Especially when you’re trying to hit your 50 Book Pledge goal! I find the best way to combat this is reading a completely different genre—like going between fantasy and contemporary, instead of trying to get into another fantasy/new world right away.



Lending a book and not getting it back

This has happened to me more times then I’d like to think about. I still haven’t learned my lesson. What’s worse? When you finally track your book down, and find out the person you lent it to never even ended up reading it!



Movie adaptations of your favourite books

Movie adaptations are always tough. It’ll never be a perfect word-for-word copy of the book you read and this can be tough for some readers. There are a lot of cases where the movie studios get it right and you leave satisfied with the finished product, but other times when you wish they just hadn’t bothered.



Someone spoiling the ending of the book

It takes a special kind of evil to ruin a book for someone! I know accidents do happen, but common sense should tell you not to mention anything super important about the book if someone hasn’t read it!

Do you agree with these pet peeves?! Do you have any bookish pet peeves of your own? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader.



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