Bookish Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are just around the corner, which means its time to start brainstorming some stocking stuffer ideas. While books do make great gifts, they don’t always fit nicely in a stocking… So we’ve compiled a list of a few ideas that are sure to make any bookworm happy this holiday season!



Mug 1 | Mug 2

Mugs are one thing that bookworms love almost as much as books. The majority of readers love a hot cup of tea or coffee while devouring their current read! There are SO many bookish mugs to choose from, including the two linked above!


Enamel Pins

Pin 1 | Pin 2

A big trend this year has been the resurgence of enamel pins! Everywhere you go you you can see them on people’s backpacks, jackets, and even in bookstagram posts! Etsy has a huge selection of bookish pins—I know where I’ll be doing my bookish enamel pin shopping this year!


Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb 1 / Bath Bomb 2

Whats better then a bath bomb? A bookish bath bomb, of course! These are the perfect stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. The image on the left is a sorting hat bath bomb that, once dissolved, will reveal which house you belong to (OMG, give me!). The second is a Beauty and the Beast bath bomb… LOVE! Which one would you pick up?



Bookmark 1 / Bookmark 2

The one thing bookworms always need are bookmarks! I for one have quite the collection of specific fandom bookmarks. Click “Bookmark 1” above to see some of the cutest bookmarks of your favourite characters, like The Selection ones featured above! I also really love the bookmarks from the second shop, so sophisticated and well designed!


Book Candles

Candle 1 / Candle 2

Book candles make the perfect stocking stuffer! I find lighting a candle really adds to the reading experience. Some of the candles from this shop are more generic like the two above (who doesn’t love the smell of a bookstore!), and some are based on specific books!



Reading Journal

Reading Journal 1 / Reading Journal 2

Reading journals are such a great way to keep track of what you’ve read in the past year! While there are sites like the 50 Book Pledge to track your reading, there’s something special about also having it written down to look back on later on in life!


Book Sleeves

Book Sleeve 1 / Book Sleeve 2

Books are treasures in the eyes of a bookworm! Keeping them safe and pristine is a must, which is where book sleeves come in! Book sleeves help with *safely* transporting your book—throwing it in your bag and not having to worry about the book getting dented or damaged. These are also the perfect solution for a book lover’s travel woes!


Bookish Tea

Book Tea 1 / Book Tea 2

Books and tea just go perfectly together! I’ve said that before, haven’t I? Nothing would please a bookworm more than a cup of book themed tea! Imagine re-reading Harry Potter while sipping on a cup of “Christmas at Hogwarts” tea! Or solving mysteries with a cup of Sherlock Holmes tea! I’m feeling a little dreamy…


Reading Socks

Reading Sock 1 / Reading Sock 2

So you have your book, a cup of tea, but something is missing… Reading socks! These are the perfect way to get comfy and finish those last few chapters of your current read.


Bookish Pillows

Book Pillow 1 / Book Pillow 2

Pillows are a great way to revitalize any bedroom. The bookworm on your list will freak out when they see these bookish pillow designs! These also make great gifts for the bookstagrammers on your list who might need some new props for their photos. And while these may not fit IN one’s stocking, they’ll look really cute beside it!

Whats on your holiday wishlist?! Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Happy bookish holiday shopping!

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