Gift Guide: Gifts for the Bookstagrammer

Anyone with a Bookstagrammer in their life totally understand how much goes into getting the perfect Instagram photo, including the items that help take those pictures to the next level! This handy list will make buying gifts for the Bookstagrammer in your life a breeze.



Click to buy: Mug 1 / Mug 2


Nothing looks better next to a stack of books then a steaming mug of coffee or tea. And there is is no such thing as too many mugs, right…?



Click to buy: Pillow 1 / Pillow 2

Bookish Pillow

Bookish pillows are great ways to dress up the background of Bookstagram pictures. There are so many with cute bookish quotes or sayings on them, and we’re pretty sure any Bookstagrammer (or book lover) would be overjoyed to receive one!



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Ollo Clip

There is a common misconception that in order to succeed on bookstagram, you need to purchase an expensive DSLR camera. Trust me when I say your phone is the best tool for taking stunning book photos! Ollo clip is a great device that will take those photos to the next level!



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Fairy Lights

There is nothing better to help brighten up a photo than fairy lights! I find these add a special touch and bring a bit of whimsy to every picture.



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Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are a great device to create Polaroid snaps to dress up the trendiest of book pictures! And it has double-use: Bookstagrammers can use this as an item in their photo, or to take bookish photos with.



Click to buy: Candle 1 / Candle 2


Candles (especially bookish candles) are the perfect prop for book pictures. This a great re-usable item that will warm up any picture, and give Bookstagrammers joy off-camera, too!



Click to buy: Funko 1 / Funko 2

Funko Pops

Scroll through a number of Bookstagram pictures and you’ll spot these cute characters again and again! Funko Pops have become a big part of Bookstagram. It definitely helps that they cover a multitude of book fandoms like Harry Potter.



Click to buy: Mini Back Drop 1 / Mini Back Drop 2

Mini Back Drops

Coming up with the look of your Bookstagram feed is important, and keeping a consistent look throughout your pictures is necessary! Mini backdrops are an inexpensive way to get that trendy background look, without breaking the bank.



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Light-box Kit

This gift is perfect for the professional Bookstagrammer in your life! This affordable light-box kit is perfect for great lighting, especially if your space lacks the adequate natural lighting for photos.



Click to buy: Flower 1 / Flower 2


Using multiple flowers (artificial so that they’re reusable, of course) is a very big trend on Bookstagram! Having an assortment of colours and styles is very useful for brightening up book pictures. This would be a great gift to add on with some smaller items!


What is on your Bookstagram gift wishlist?! Let us know below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!


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