Gift Guide: Non-Book Gifts for the Book Lover

For many (okay, probably all) of us Savvy Readers, reading is more than just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. Do we read and collect books? Of course we do! But many of us also collect book-type items.

We’ve compiled a list of non-book book-type items that any reader would love. Feel free to add these to your wish list (and maybe share the link with someone who needs help buying for you)!

Tote Bags

Click to buy: Tote 1 | Tote 2 | Tote 3 

Readers love totes. Especially with all the books there are to carry around! Out of Print make some of our favorite classic literary totes. Check them all out here.

Phone Cases

Click to buy: Phone Case 1 | Phone Case 2 

What better way to brand yourself a reader than to proudly state it on your phone case? Casetify makes some particularly beautiful cases, like the ones above!

*Note: laptop and/or e-reader cases would also make great gifts.



Click to buy: Earrings | Ring | Necklace


For the fashion savvy Savvy Reader, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! From earrings to rings to necklaces, there’s something for every reader.



Click to buy: Scarf 1 | Scarf 2 

Who would say no to one of these gorgeous scarves??? Storiarts makes so many wonderful bookish items, but you can check out the scarves we love here.


Book ends

Click to buy: Book End 1 | Book End 2

Sometimes collecting books and dressing up a room go hand-in-hand. So why not give the gift of beautiful books ends?



Click to buy: Journal 1 | Journal 2 


A lot of readers are also writers in one form another, so we say you can’t go wrong gifting them something beautiful to write in (for the moments when they aren’t reading, of course)!



Click to buy: Candle 1 | Candle 2

Candles are a classic gift for anyone you know. But you can really impress the Savvy Reader in your life with a book-scented candle (or two) this holiday!



Click to buy: Pillow 1 | Pillow 2

After all the books the Savvy Reader in your life is sure to get this Christmas, they will definitely be thankful you had the foresight to buy them a beautiful pillow to cozy up with during those long stretches of reading!




Click to buy

How cool is this lamp?? The perfect companion for any Savvy Reader who likes to read past their bedtime.


How did we do, Savvy Readers? Are there any bookish items you love but we missed?? Let us know! Comment below or send us a tweet @SavvyReader.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for even more Savvy Gift Guides coming right up!


*puppies not included


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